Saturday, May 30, 2015

Leadership? Not So Much.

The last month (on top of the last 5+ years) has been a month of unprecedented attacks on Wisconsin.

With so many awful topics to choose from, which one do you suppose outgoing chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Mike Tate picked for his Facebook post topic yesterday?

A) Praising labor leaders for once again taking their personal time to try to stop the repeal of prevailing wage (they held this off successfully once before);

B) Praising local grassroots parent groups for (at least partial) success in getting funding restored to local schools;

C) Denouncing Republican plans to lower the bar for teacher qualifications, jeopardizing learning outcomes for students;

D) Piling on to the effort to eliminate WEDC;

E) A statement setting the tone, with just seven days left until the state convention in Milwaukee, of fairness and a need to work together no matter who wins the chair race; or

F) A statement that repeats details from the poorly researched, now-removed Blogging Blue piece written by supporters of your hand-picked successor.

If you guessed “F”, you’d be right! See for yourself below.

Here is the post:
At a time many malign the division and negativity among our party chair candidates I think it's important to take notice when they each come to the right decision on their own. It bodes well for the future. There was to be a forum tomorrow in Milwaukee organized by several very questionable characters. Robert Miranda, currently on probation for stealing public funds and former speaker at the RPW convention (not to mention a Fox News esqu {sic} fake reporter), a minister who has made repeated anti-Semitic and anti LGBT comments and a woman who has been working unsuccessfully for years to defeat good Democrats in Milwaukee organized it. Some could have taken the opportunity to attend and further sling more mud and fuel the personal attacks in this race. Instead all of them (minus Jeff Smith who is still deciding) have made the decision not to attend. In the middle of the nastiness of the race I want to commend the chair candidates who made the decision to not engage with characters who wish our party nothing but ill. True leadership has been lacking in this race by some, when it happens we should acknowledge it. So hats off to Jason Rae, Joe Wineke, Stephen Smith and Martha Laning.
A wiser leader would have seen that while these hosts have some very problematic public statements, and some have a history of run-ins with the law, they are also the only grassroots group of color that has tried to organize such a forum. Candidates could have organized something similar themselves, but unfortunately, no one has.

Tate did have one thing right:
True leadership has been lacking in this race by some, when it happens we should acknowledge it.
Well, it could have happened yesterday. Instead, with Wisconsin in ruins, this is how he’s choosing to finish his time as chair. Delegates, pick carefully next week. This blogger won’t be endorsing anyone, but does suggest that you pay close attention to how Tate and Rae supporters have spent their time in the past month and how they spend it these next seven days. See if you notice any “true leadership” from the chair candidates or those who support them, and when you do see it, cast your vote accordingly.

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  1. Im ready for a big send off for Mr. Tate at the convention, are you?