Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chris Christie Can Sure Eat and Drink!

By Jeff Simpson 

In New Jersey, like in Wisconsin, the Republican Legislature is very adamant on drug testing anyone who receives public assistance.

In New Jersey, bills have been introduced in the Assembly and the Senate to require random drug testing for anyone on public assistance. Is this because there’s evidence these people are significantly more likely to abuse drugs? No.
“I don’t need a study,” said Republican Gary Chiusano of Sussex County, sponsor of the Assembly bill.
“They’re spending taxpayers’ money on drugs,” he maintained of many people on public assistance. “This is common knowledge.”
The one thing that New Jersey has is the perfect example of Gluttony.

New Jersey Governor and head of the Republican Governor's Association.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spent more than $80,000 of taxpayer money on snacks at NFL games between 2010 and 2011, according to a report from New Jersey Watchdog. Christie used his government debit card 58 times at MetLife Stadium, and his office “did not provide any receipts, business reasons or names of individuals entertained, but defended the expense.”
Christie’s office has defended his use of the expense account, but were clearly embarrassed by the revelation that the governor was expensing quite a few beers while watching the Giants and Jets play because it reimbursed the costs associated with the games.
My first response was shock, of course. Christie averaged $1,500 in concessions at each game and didn’t bother keeping receipts to explain the expenses. But my second response was total envy. Spending $82,000 on snacks is an actual dream of mine. I mean, not the exact amount but the idea of spending the cost of a down payment on a home on queso and hot dogs has always been very appealing to me.
With all of the beers that the NJ taxpayers have had to pay for, a drug test of the piggish Christie is more than in order!

What else could you buy for $82000? 


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