Monday, May 18, 2015

Scott Walker Hates The Marines

By Jeff Simpson

Capper reported yesterday, on the further "Palin"ization of Scott Walker.  He has been on the national stage and embarrassing himself daily.  

"As a governor, I've been, just recently in Germany, in Spain and France," Walker explained. "Earlier in the year, it was the United Kingdom on trade related missions. A few years back in China and Japan. So, that's probably the most of any governor of either party has is that experience in terms of trade relations.
"Probably the most", of course he would not take the time to do his research since he has proven that the truth matters little to him.   Which is almost as bad as spending a day or two in six sovereign countries out of 196(3%) and declaring himself a foreign policy expert.  

The worst thing that he said in his gaffe filled appearance was this:

The possible candidate suggested that he would model his foreign policy after President Ronald Reagan, who he described "the best president" on foreign policy of his lifetime.
What was Ronald Reagan most known for foreign policy wise as president?

Yes a suicide bomber killed 299 people, 214 were American Servicemen and President Reagans response was to cut and run.   Brilliant.

But WAIT!  There's more!

We can not forget Reagan;s love affair with Saddam Hussein(remember him)?

Or the fact that Ronald Reagan played a direct role in Osama Bin Laden's ascendency into power.  Reagan also armed the Nicaraguan fighters, this time against the U.S.'s own treaties. 

That was not very successful either.  

If Reagan is Scott Walker's ideal of the perfect foreign policy expert, then heaven help us all if he gets elected!  

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  1. Last I checked, Walker has a marine working for him that survived the Beirut bombing, but the sarge is just another public employee thug now.

  2. Don't forget Ollie North and Iran.

  3. Don't forget Reagan's venture into foreign policy before even getting elected — undercutting Carter's hostage-release negotiations with Iran, by offering Iran better terms if Iran would NOT release the hostages to Carter. NBC's Nightline counted up every day the hostages were held (something not done for later hostages), Carter lost the election, the hostages were released on Reagan's Inauguration Day... and Reagan started secretly getting US-made weapons to Iran from NATO caches and Israel....

    And Scott Walker thinks this is to be emulated?!

    1. He probably does. He's scummy enough to pull treasonous garbage like that if he thinks it'll give him a few more votes.

      Remember, this guy's best buds stole money from vets to set up Walker websites