Thursday, May 28, 2015

Legislature Effectiveness

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By Jeff Simpson 

In Wisconsin, our wonderful legislators have come up with something they called educator effectiveness.  

What is the Educator Effectiveness System?
The Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System is a performance-based evaluation system designed to improve the education for all students in the state of Wisconsin by supporting guided, individualized, self-determined professional growth and development of educators.

It is a complicated system that involves many different observations and evaluations throughout the year.  In the world of trying to figure out a way to evaluate what teachers do, its an ok system.  

It was just turned inside out by the Wisconsin Republican legislature.  

 Anyone with a bachelor's degree could be hired and licensed to teach sixth- through 12th-grade English, math, social studies or science in Wisconsin under a provision slipped into the state budget proposal by a Republican lawmaker.And any person with relevant experience — even a high school dropout — could be licensed to teach in any other non-core academic subject in those grades, according to the provision.
Critics argue the changes, if approved, would dramatically lower Wisconsin's teaching standards.
The teacher certification provision was approved as part of a package of K-12 budget items by the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee last week in a 1:30 a.m. vote. It was proposed by Rep. Mary Czaja (R-Irma). She said she pursued the measure to help rural schools find and retain qualified teachers in hard-to-fill subjects.
Ms. Czaja had better hope that no one ever makes testing mandatory for legislators because her memorization skills are terrible.

 Czaja couldn't name any districts that had asked for the broader flexibilities.

Either that or Ms. Czaja is a liar:

But a rural schools leader said that's not what rural schools asked for.
"Heavens no," said Jerry Fiene, executive director of the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance. "This totally destroys any licensure requirements that we have in Wisconsin. It's very concerning."
Fiene said rural school district leaders have been looking for flexibility to expand options for degreed, licensed teachers. For example, allowing a credentialed English teacher already on staff to teach another subject if he or she has relevant experience.

 Nevermind, its is an ALEC bill so she is just doing what she is being told to do by her bosses.

We need someone to come up with a legislature effectiveness system so we can send these do nothing legislators, in their gerrymandered districts, home.

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