Saturday, September 1, 2012

He Must Have Run Out Of Cronies And Lobbyists' Sons

Another great tidbit from Scott Walker's weekly e-newsletter (emphasis mine):
We have a substantial number of open positions available on various state boards, commissions, and in other areas of state government. Please visit to find information about these positions.

Positions frequently become available, so if you are interested in serving, please apply and our office will keep your application on file. If you’ve been looking to get involved in state government, this is a great way to use your skills to serve the residents of Wisconsin!
First of all, lets get the poor grammar out of the way. If a position is open, that means it is available. The use of "open positions available" is redundant and poorly written. Apparently he doesn't hire cronies staffers any smarter or any more literate than him.

I'm a little surprised by the need for people on the state level though. I'd have thought with all the huge donations he got during the recall elections, he'd have his administration full of cronies and sons of lobbyists.

It's not surprising that Walker can't find people willing to fight for him. He treats people like crap, pays them worse than crap and is looking to privatize anything and everything he can get away with, especially their jobs. What's not to love, right?

And to further show that Walker is not the quickest learner, he's been putting the same thing in his emails for six months. You'd think he'd learn that whatever he's doing to attract people isn't working.

But if it helps, I hear that Tim Russell and Kelly Rindfleisch are looking for well-paying jobs. They've accrued some hefty legal bills they need to pay off, or so I hear.


  1. Do you think the Governor is using the office as a way to collect applications for not only himself, but for his nationwide network of crony Republican office holders?

    While Wisconsin state jobs may be open, I suspect this Governor only wants to get as deep of a pool of potential "loyal" and obedient little Republican workers; ones who DID NOT want him recalled.

    Just think how easy it would be to use State resources to supply "loyal" candidates to the Republicorp nationally.

    1. Good call. I was thinking the same thing myself, especially since the whole party is run like a marketing campaign.

  2. "Serve Wisconsin"? I am reminded of this.

    If you click through to Serve-Wisconsin, though, you'll see it's mostly about volunteering to be on State boards and commissions. Every Governor does this. Yes, they use it to reward the ward heelers.

  3. Best not have signed the petition if you're interested in serving. Just sayin'.

  4. It's just a call for donations.