Saturday, September 15, 2012

We Didn't Start The Class Warfare, But We Will End It

In reaction to the news that workers do indeed still have some rights, even in Fitzwalkerstan, the state's top Democrat, Mike Tate, issued the following statement:
Today is a great day for Wisconsin workers. Now, we have the opportunity to go back and do things the right way, the Wisconsin way -- where everyone has a seat at the table and where we work together to find commonsense solutions."
There was something that struck me about that statement, which I think highlights the whole fight we're in, not just in Fitzwalkerstan, but in the entire nation.

The corporate puppets like Scott Walker think that there are two classes of people: The ruling class and those made to serve the working class. Not work for, but serve.

That is why they are constantly attacking our rights and our freedoms. They want to control us by breaking our spirits and be thankful when they throw a scrap our way.

Instead of us expecting safe working conditions, sustainable wages and being treated with respect, they want us to just be thankful we have a job, no matter how crappy it is.

Instead of us expecting that we get to choose what we do with our bodies, that our children get a decent education, that we can express our grievances without fear of reprisal and that we can be with the ones we love, they expect us just to be grateful that we have the opportunity to live under their "benign leadership."

The corporate special interests and the plutocrats started this round of class warfare, but they really should take some history lessons to see how that kind of ruling style usual ends up.


  1. That's odd, did the French use activist judges to win their revolution?
    And wasn't the French revolution won by a majority of suppressed people over a minority of suppressors? Because I thought we just had a referendum of sorts on this topic at the ballot box.

    1. Upholding constitutional rights is a liberal thing? Thanks for confirming your fascism.

      And please link to where we voted to abolish the US and State Constitution.

    2. I'm glad you got your bumper sticker in here.
      Seems to me its only activist Judges from Madison that think we are violating our constitution. Well, and you.

    3. The law is so open to interpretation.

      Only the wealthy people really use the courts, anyway.

      They can outspend and delay, appeal, and re-appeal.

      Did you know that the Republicans not only hate public funding (as open and honest way for candidates to run for public office, without resorting to Koch-sucking), but the Republicans also hate....

      You know, those "if you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you..." ones?

      What better way to help the wealthy than simply by helping them own the courts.

      So, we have Republican ownership of state houses, more than likely the Federal government this year (through efforts to restrict and gerrymander state level elections)....,

      We will soon have a Republican controlled judicial system.

      And you know what, fine by me.

      I think it is all just fine, I will help Mr. IMBR support the Republican party.

      IMBR must have ownership stake with the party somehow.

      Really, because the world will be great when one party, the Republican party, has complete control of all governments from the United States, to Wisconsin, to your local town board.

      I wonder how Party control will be enforced, though, from the top?

      In the future, when the Republicans control it all, we should all be happy, right, Mr. IMBR?

      They are infallible. They are even chosen by God in some cases to lead in Government (ex: Rick Perry). (note: NOT mohammed, huh?)


      Why the need to have control within the Republican party?

      Surely at some point, some activist Republican might not agree with Party Doctrine. This is a major no-no.

      The party could keep a tight reign on control by taking away that activists funding at the next re-election.

      Kochs and Hendricks, heck, even Menard, can find other lackeys to do their personal bidding.

      Just using the word, "activist," in a certain context turns that meaning around.

      It applies a label.

      What labels did Nazi's give the Jews?

      IMBR hates, because he is.

      He hates you, because you are "liberal." He hates you because you are "activist." He hates you because other people hate you. Because the TV that has permeated his thought pattern tells him to hate you.

      Mr. IMBR would gladly be the one taking orders to open the gas valve to purge and purify society.

    4. "IMBR must have ownership stake with the party somehow."

      No, IMUSTBEARACIST has no real stake in the republican party.
      Just another one of the ignorant serfs swindled into service by lies and false dogma.

    5. IMBAR, constitutional law scholars also agree with the ruling. But hey, cheer up, you've got the corrupt Walker and the adulterous Sykes on your side!

  2. What? A referendum regarding French activist judges and the French Revolution and I missed it.


  3. Low and behold--Imustberacist is back again. Been brushing up on your white European history, I see.
    In my mind Act 10 and Scott Walker and the Kochs and Bradleys are the suppressors. Act 10 targets a class of people, taking away their rights. That's why there were thousands upon thousands of protestors at the Capital last year.
    Your "referendum" was bought and paid for by the suppressors.
    Walker policies have targetted other classes of people. Photo ID and gerrymandering laws target racial minorities.
    As corporations are somehow "people," many go without paying their fair share (if any) of taxes. Walker's manufactured $3.5 billion deficit could easily have been wiped out had corporations paid taxes.
    To top it all off, many of Walker's policies are a continuation of what Newt Gingrich started in 1995 with his "Contract With America," also heavily influenced by the likes of the Kochs, Rands and writers Herrnstein and Murray, who published in 1994 an infamous book called "The Bell Curve" (paid for by a $100,000 grant from the Bradley Foundation).
    That book argued for an overwhelmingly white "cognitive elite" in America, that would rule over the multitudes of "sub"-classes.
    Your future, Imustberacist, wouldn't be too rosy if Herrnstein & Murray had their way.


    1. You cant accept that the suppressed are the minority, that is why you have to say the election was bought. Redistricting had to be done every ten years. I am sure there would have been no republican input if the dems controlled the legislature. Besides, the high court looked at it and approved what was done. and I'm not so sure your as worried about inconveniencing people without an id as you are the law slowing down ACORN type group sto influence close elections.
      Corporations, like rich people have the ability to show no profit, that's something that will never change, so whine to yourself about it.
      As in all countries there will always be many "classes" of people. The only thing that made America great is that every person had the ability to improve themselves. But now in favor of "fairness" you want to take any incentive away to better yourself by taking money from the people who earn it and give it to the people who don't.
      No, I would contend my future looks pretty bleak if Obama wins in November. I predict a second recession with rampant inflation to follow if we must endure a second term. Most people will be forced into government health care exchanges which will end in a single payer system where hard work and sucess won't guarantee you better health care. And it will still be Bush's fault according to you.


    2. I bet Republicans were afraid of the Interstate system decades ago because they were afraid people would be forced to use those systems and that no one would have have local roads.

      Oh, and the cost would be huge.

      Too bad we can't go back in time and stop that one aspect of government takeover.

    3. IMBAR - How absolutely elitist of you! Now can you say, "Let them eat cake?"

  4. Professor Tim Nerentz must be spinning in his grave right about now.

  5. Well now you all know why the Kochs spent over 6 Million to get Prosser elected. Buy the governor. Buy the supreme court. Just watch how fast they overturn this ruling.

  6. "Act 10 targets a class of people, taking away their rights."

    Their "rights" supersede the rights of most of the people paying for them, and they don't care about who has to pay or how much.

    Act 10 will stand or be rewritten to include police and firefighters.

    1. If the fire and police are not included soon Scott Walker will be nothing but a hack.

      No public employee or all.

      Especially the palace guards.

    2. Oh, do tell! Was it the public sector workers who raised insurance rates by as much as 40%? Was it public sector workers who crashed Wall Street and then demanded they get bailed out?

      Why don't you turn your anger to those that caused the problems instead of other victims of it?

  7. My anger??? This blog is a forum for the angry. They make stuff up to agitate its followers.

    Lawyers were the main reason insurance rates jumped 40% and the government of both parties did nothing. Why don't you turn your anger to those that caused the problems instead of those who did nothing to stop it?

    1. Oh no, watch out everybody! We got a radio squawk show listener here! And he's even spouting the same thoroughly dismantled lies that they keep repeating!

  8. There is no kind of dishonesty into which otherwise good people more easily and frequently fall than that of defrauding the government. – Benjamin Franklin, US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706-1790)

    And ahead of his time...