Friday, September 7, 2012

Well, I Don't Trust Them Either

Wisconsin State Representative Don Pridemore, from one of the reddest areas of the state, issued the following press release on the status of voter suppression laws:
“I have personally spoken to thousands of my constituents over the last three months in the new 22nd Assembly District, and they have spoken in a loud and clear voice that they want their vote protected by requiring a Photo ID to vote in the state of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Supreme Court now has another opportunity to rule on law passed by the legislature and we expect, at the very least, the injunction currently in place be reviewed and lifted. The citizens of this state deserve action in a timely manner to assure confidence in the upcoming November elections. After all, we are electing people to the highest offices in the land which will determine the future direction of our Nation.”
Y'know, the way the Republicans have been cheating and trying to tamper elections for the past couple of years, I don't trust them either.

But even Republicans should have their right to vote continue unimpeded by voter suppression laws.


  1. "I have personally spoken to ...," is a great introduction to a professional lie more often than not.

    The truthful person would have stated something more along the lines of, "I wasn't sure if the photo ID requirement was exactly to reduce or eliminate any of the unproven voter fraud, but the feedback from people contacting me and my office tell me that they would feel safer and more secure in their over sized homes if the same ID had to be shown at the polls. I know, it's the same ID form that teenagers get fakes on to buy alcohol at the Kwik Trip, but, whatever, if that's what these people want, they are the only ones who contact me and my office after all."

  2. Meh. Pridemore probably got a call from Robin Vos. I imagine Vos saying: "Hey Donnie, that old fart Kevin Kennedy at the GAB is all over my ass for getting all hysterical over the voter ID thing. He says I'm making unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud and undermining public confidence in the system. SO... since I can no longer get hysterical in public, I need YOU to act on my behalf. I got Grothman, Lazich & a bunch of other nuts to go all hysterical. It's your turn, buddy. Get hysterical. But don't say I told you"