Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Grothman Gallop

As the gentle reader is fully aware of, Glenn Grothman opened his mouth on Monday and inserted both feet up to the knees when he made one of the most egregious and ignorant statements about Kwanzaa.

Now, my colleague, Jeff Simpson, did a right proper job on the stupidity and depravity in Grothman's comments.  There's not a thing I could add.  But it wouldn't matter if I did, since Jeff and I are those white liberal types that Grothman is blaming for the holiday.

But we are not alone with our outrage, nor is it anywhere near isolated to white liberals.

The Democratic Black Caucus is demanding that Scott Walker come out and denounce Grothman's blatant racism. Needless to say, Walker hasn't said anything yet.

Nor has Owen Robinson, who lives in Grothman's district. Then again, Owen thinks that Grothman is a good representative and "stands for conservative values."

I will let the gentle reader make up their own mind if their silence means they approve of Grothman's racism.

Milwaukee Alderwoman Milele Coggs issued her own press release:
Wisconsinites this week were once again subjected to the misinformed statements of a state senator who used a press release to attack the African American tradition of the celebration of Kwanzaa. While his opinions and the motivations behind them are his own, I would like to correct some of the senator’s factual misconceptions.

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration that honors ancient and living cultural tradition, reflecting the best of African thought and practice in its reaffirmation of the dignity of the human person in community and culture, the well-being of family and community, the integrity of the environment and our kinship with it, and the rich resource and meaning of a people's culture. It is observed from December 26 to January 1. I personally was raised celebrating Kwanzaa, and now continue the tradition with my own family.

The values celebrated throughout Kwanzaa are values that can be embraced year-round by anyone, from any religion. These powerful principles include unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith.

The senator’s assertion that Kwanzaa is “an effort to divide Americans” that came about because someone “thought Christmas was a white religion [sic] and was trying to draw black people from it” is simply wrong and ridiculous. Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday. In fact, people from all faiths are invited to celebrate it, and many choose to observe it in addition to their religious holidays. Kwanzaa’s value and significance is not based on its founder or any one person's depiction of its history. That is not the intent of the celebration, as it is more about the principles (Nguzo Saba)and the practice and integration of those principles into daily living. Each person finds his or her own meaning in those principles, the same way that other holidays and celebrations have evolved over time.

Here at Milwaukee City Hall, we made history last week with the city’s first ever Kwanzaa celebration and display. People from all races and faiths participated in what was, by its very nature, an inclusive event. I would invite anyone who would declare war on Kwanzaa to instead take part next time and become better informed with a factual understanding of the celebration. We certainly have more pressing issues facing Wisconsin than a state lawmaker’s misguided focus on preventing the public from learning about and celebrating Kwanzaa.
Now, a conservative troll might point out that these are all liberals. And they would be correct. But there is also Wonder Woman, who is black and conservative. But not the James T. Harris kind. She's the intelligent, thought-provoking kind. And she's none to happy with Grothman either:
Now last I checked that is what some outspoken white folks keep harping on that Blacks need to get it together and address “our issues”. Look what happens when we do? We get lynched for it!!! What is it you want Senator Grothman, a better Black community addressing our problems and issues or do you want us to ignore it all and keep shooting each other up, stay barefoot and pregnant? Pick which you prefer and get back to us!

Senator Grothman there is much more to Kwanzaa than you could ever know and if you got your head out of a book or away from uninformed people and met with real Blacks of differing varieties and did some real homework, you would see and meet people who would love to educate you to why this holiday is so desperately needed for our nation, not just for Blacks, and not just Wisconsin Blacks. There is much to Kwanzaa you missed and I feel so badly for you because you missed out on some great experiences to serve what purpose with your ill-advised statement. Sometimes when you don’t know something it is best to remain silent. Yes Kwanzaa is here to stay and it grows larger each year. No it is not a “white/hard-core left winger” holiday, we own this holiday (one thing no one can take from us) and we welcome people of every shade, color and creed each year. As I look around with so many people starving for “hope and change” (pun intended!) Kwanzaa will always be a welcome holiday with all its wonderful principles. As long as men fight and resources are limited, Kwanzaa will always be needed. As long as society argues and embraces hate, Kwanzaa will always be needed. Kwanzaa is a lovefest and it is too bad you missed your opportunity to unite with others and gather to just commune as one family because it seems like you needed it too! Maybe this is what you do not like about Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is out of your control and is no longer a Black celebration but it is becoming a truly multicultural event because many people see its value in their lives as well which is why it is spreading. Especially in Wisconsin where fighting has become the norm, Kwanzaa's values and guiding principles are a treasure for all!
Do read the whole thing, it is that good. And this isn't even when she gets mad yet.

I would be remiss if I did not point out that there are many news reports out there that include this:
His comments about Kwanzaa outraged a leader with the Democratic Party of Ozaukee County, who called on the senator to retract his statements.

"Senator Grothman seems to outdo himself every time he opens his mouth," said Meg Moen, treasurer of the county Democratic Party. "His recent press release about Kwanzaa was absolutely jaw-dropping. Not only does Senator Grothman seem to find his inherent racism acceptable, he implores people to follow his lead and question a holiday that African-Americans have been celebrating for years.

"He, as usual, blames progressives and teachers, for respecting all traditions, and having the audacity to include every holiday and tradition that occurs around this time every year," Moen added. "That press release is absolutely disgusting and drips with disdain for African-Americans and, therefore, I am calling on him to retract his statements."
Yes, that is the same Meg that writes here as well. I could not be more proud of her.

And finally, after getting flack from almost all directions, what does Grothman have to say for himself? In short, that he's still a reprobate and disgusting creature. In his own words:
"In face, it was created in 1996 by a radical Marxist...a black separatist who felt there should be a separate holiday."

According to Grothman, the founder of the holiday did not like the idea that Jesus Christ died for people's sins.
So now he's not only disparaging the holiday, he's calling everyone that celebrates as being anti-Christian.

Just when you thought he could get any lower, he finds a way to do just that.

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