Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Upside of Glenn Grothman

For those of us completely embarrassed by the idiocy that the Glenn Grothman Spectacle has become nationwide, look on the brightside:

I would rather have Grothman attacking Kwanzaa than the rest of his party attacking our environment!   

WESTON — Republican leaders are calling legislation that would ease mining regulations and potentially create thousands of jobs in Wisconsin a top priority and plan to introduce the mining bill later this month.
Unfortunately, the only way republicans know how to create jobs is to destroy the environment!  

I will give Grothman credit though, you know when he will talk to anyone anywhere that he truly believes his own BS.   Even though he is crazy, that has to be respected.   Especially when you compare him to Robin Vos, who you know sells his soul to the highest bidder!  

h/t Root River Siren!


  1. Sen. Grothman is saying all this stuff based on his own interpretation of someone else's holiday. His ignorance proves why we should teach about the holidays of different cultures in schools.

  2. Grothman is actually bringing up a common stereotype that some whites have about Kwanzaa. They think it is "instead of Christmas" or that it is "only for black people". Grothman should go to a Kwanzaa celebration next year and see what the people really are doing and then his fears about its purpose being to divide Americans would be put to rest.

    CNN did an ok job here, but, I would have liked to see someone who really knew a lot about the holiday talk about it in a non confrontational way. The man here was ok, but I don't think either of them was prepared for Grothman's honesty and level of ignorance on this kind of issue.

    Grothman is bad for the state in the sense that he voices stereotypes as if they are facts. People who don't mingle with others much can easily believe this kind of thing. Grothman should educate himself by talking to an educated person about Kwanzaa, daycare, working women, all his stereotyped ideas.

    Grothman is good on stuff like keeping venture capital money from CAPCOS, in that sense he isn't sold out, which is good. In some ways he seems like a nice man. He should educate himself. I hope someone invites him to their church or their Kwanzaa celebration, perhaps even go to West Bend for a little outreach.

  3. hmmm...I'd feel better if grothman took some time to also point out that the guy who started the boyscouts was a pederast so we should disband the know look into all of these traditions and groups with suspect founders.

  4. Even GOP fanatics can be right once in a while. Kwanzaa was indeed created by a black militant who ripped off aspects of Christmas, Chanukah and East African harvest festivals. There is NOTHING "traditional" about it and very few African Americans celebrate it. Kwanzaa would have died out long ago if "white" corporations and government at all levels did not take pains to put it on their calendars and promote it. It's a very cheap way to supposedly show that you're not "racist" and not nearly as expensive as providing jobs for the people you claim to revere. Screw Kwanzaa and create more public sector and manufacturing jobs (from which blacks and other minorities have always disproportionately benefited).

    1. Are you trying to outdo Grothman in the moronic comment department?

  5. First of all, Anonymous, it's not up to Grothman, you, or anyone else to determine what holidays are "real" enough to be celebrated. No one is forcing it on anyone, so why do you and Grothman care to comment on it period? If "few African-Americans" celebrate it, fine. So what. I find that funny, by the way. I mean, have you met every African-American in America and asked them if they observe Kwanzaa? I doubt it.

  6. Any chance that Grothman is actually a performance artist, a la Colbert?

  7. No chance! none of the republicans in our state anyway, are anywhere near smart enough to pull something like that off!

  8. The problem with Grothman's comments are Kwanzaa has changed since 1967. like any new holiday it has changed and and grown. It is no longer black. It is multiculticulticutural and inclusive. It is welcoming to all and very much an American holiday for all to enjoy!
    Yes Dr. Karenga had a questionable background, who hasn't?
    However his contributions to society now far exceed his mistakes of his past.
    Another thing, Grothman says he interviewed 20 random blacks in AIRPORTS! Really? This now substitutes for real research in which to attack a race of an entire people who just 3 months ago Republicans were pledging to reach out to after the pounding they took in the presidential election in November. Oh what short memories they have!
    Where is Scott Walker in all this who teeeted a message of support to Kwanzaa celebrators? Shouldn't he be telling his wayward senator to put a sock in it by now?
    Anyway Grothman has done alot of damage and Republican silince is complacency. They will pay dearly in April for his silly comments today.
    Peace my liberal friends!!
    Wonder Woman

  9. Oh anf by the way I celebrate Kwanzaa yearly. I have seen it grow and grow. It is estimated about 2 to 5 million Americans celebrate the holiday.
    In Milwaukee, Kwanzaa has one of the most thriving communities nationwide along with Juneteenth day. What an honor! I suspect this is because Milwaukee is also the most segregated city and for Blacks our way of countering such atrocities is by counteting negativity is meeting it with positivity.
    So if someone thinks Kwanzaa is headed towards extension, think again. This year's events were well attended and standing room only in some cases.