Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CLXV

This one really hurts:
Beer wholesaler Preferred Distributors is shuttering its facility in Lake Delton and laying off 44 employees, effective Dec. 31, as part of its decision to sell the business.

About 41 full-time workers and three part-time employees will lose their jobs, Scott Thompson, the company's chief financial officer, told the state Department of Workforce Development in a Nov. 30 letter. Thompson said employees would be paid wages and benefits "up to the time of their termination."
This happened just as Christmas was coming up. Yet somehow, I doubt that all of these people losing their jobs even crossed Scott Walker's mind as he asked Santa Koch for a donation to his legal defense fund.


  1. Is this the result of last year's Miller/Coors pay to play legislation restricting independent beer distributorships?

  2. Preferred may have more locations, one should check to see what and who is buying its other locations.