Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Abele and CRG

Chris Abele and his plutocratic pals at the Greater Milwaukee Committee has been flailing around to keep momentum going for their hostile take over of Milwaukee County.  They have stooped so low as to try to frame the entire County Board.  But every time he turns around, he shoots himself in the foot by revealing his true nature.

But no need to fear, for CRG is here!

Starting this week, the ironically and utterly inappropriately named Citizens for Responsible Government is running ads in support of the power grab and advertising for a rally which is scheduled for this coming Monday at the anti-union Serb Hall.

Yes, that is the same CRG that have plumbed the depths of depravity, attacking public service workers without hesitation while committing acts of corruption themselves.

Bruce Murphy also caught the commercial and spoke with Chris Kleismet, one of the two thugs that makes up CRG.  The reason Kleismet gave Murphy for the rally was hilarious:
CRG spokesperson Chris Kliesmet say that up to now, all the grass-roots organizing on this issue has been by liberals. “There are people on both sides of the issue,” he notes. “There hasn’t been a lot of conservative grass-roots action. I think it’s important for people to understand, just like with Ament, if you want change it’s up to us.”
Murphy went on to worry that the CRG stunt will hurt the cause, making it a conservative vs. liberal issue.

He needn't worry though.  There  hasn't been one bona fide liberal who has stood up in support of this attack on democracy.

According to the paper, speakers at the rally include the figurehead sponsor of the GMC bill, Joe Sanfelippo, and former supervisor Joe Rice.  

Now would be a good time to mention that Rice has been very busy running around as a lobbyist for Sanfelippo in the ongoing issue regarding taxi permits as well as mercenary pawn for GMC in their power grab.

But the highlight of the event is going to be the emcee, Charlie Sykes.  For those that didn't know, or knew and forgot, Sykes and Abele don't like each other very much. It all stemmed from 15 months ago, when Sykes making the inference that Abele is a pedophile.  I wonder if Abele and Sykes will hug on stage and make up for their past differences.

What it truly ironic is that in their commercial, CRG is attacking the County Board because UNIONS! PENSIONS!  However, CRG's and Abele's common hero, Scott Walker, had given a sworn deposition leading up to the Mercer trial, in which he testified that the Board was innocent of the conspiracy and that it all came from the executive's office and the faulty information given by them and by Mercer.

Somehow I don't think that will be brought up on Monday.

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