Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chris Abele's Emails

During the Walkergate investigation, the few emails that the DA's Office released through the court proceedings showed a glimpse of some of the backroom dealings and illegal politicking that Scott Walker and his minions were involved with.  It was said emails that were enough to convict Kelly Rindfleisch as well as show that with Walker, there is always more and still even more.

Recently, some of Milwaukee County Executive's Chris Abele's emails were also revealed.  They really reinforce Abele's claims that he admires Walker and the work he has done, if you know what I mean.

Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel covers one part of the emails, showing that despite Abele's claims of wanting civility and that nothing is personal, Abele is a huge hypocrite:
"The Sheriff is crazy but that press release is bonkers," Abele wrote to Moreen on July 17, 2012. "He is so embarrassingly a childish bully." 
In the email, Abele then encourages his staffer to raise some issues with Weishan and a Journal Sentinel reporter about the usefulness of the handguns, which cost $75,000.

My esteemed colleague and friend, Cory Liebmann further addresses Abele's emails in his must read post.   Liebmann points out that in one email that Abele had  one of his mouthpieces, Brendan Conway, send talking points to attack and undermine Senator Chris Larson, who opposes Abele's Plutocracy Bill.

Does anyone really consider Abele to be a Democrat when he is backstabbing the Democratic Minority Leader of the State Senate?

Liebmann also points out that the Plutocracy Bill was actually conceived in 2012, long before Sanfelippo was elected.  The creators of the bill, as if we didn't already know, was Abele, Julia Taylor and the rest of the GMC.  No one else had any input into this plan for this hostile takeover of Milwaukee County.

But bless his heart, Liebmann also gave us a link to a few pages of information which reveal a bit more than covered by Bice or Liebmann.

The first page shows Abele's schedule for June 25, 2012.  As Liebmann had noted, part of his morning was meeting with Julie Taylor, the head of the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC).

It should be noted that the purpose of the meeting with Taylor was to discuss the "Agenda from Julie."

Um, excuse me?  She's setting the agenda, which includes county policy as well as their legislative strategy for ramming through the power grab bill.  That's strikes me as being very similar to Michael Grebe of the Bradley Foundation and Walker's campaign ordering Walker's county staff on what to do.  It's even more disturbing when one remembers that Taylor was upset when Tim Russell was fired for his misconduct in office.

The second page is the start of an email between Abele and Amber Moreen, his Chief of Staff.  The first thing that should be noted is that Abele used his private email to discuss county business:

Well, well, isn't that a lot like Walker's infamous email to Tim Russell, chastising him after Darlene Wink got busted.

The next point of interest is his condescending and whiny tone towards Barbara Beckert, the head of Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW).  DRW has been heavily involved in trying to correct the multitude of problems at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex:
Thanks for the Barbara Beckert forward.  I'm happy, of course, to sit down with the task force, get an update, etc.  I still don't care for her tone that sometimes seems to presume or imply more decision-making authority over county resources than she has, though I'll always listen to her input.
In reality, he doesn't have much choice.  DRW is the authority when it comes to issues dealing with people who have a disability, including mental health issues.  Considering how bad Abele and Walker allowed things to get, they should be glad to be getting help instead of fines.

Near the bottom of the second page, Abele makes a reference to a press release sent out by a number of supervisors who showed their support for the workers at Palermo's.  Abele, who is very anti-worker and anti-union, was upset by this.

I wonder why he is so concerned about the labor relations at a private business, unless it's because he's personal friends with the owners of Palermo's.  Ironically, he snipes at the supervisors for not contacting anyone at Palermo's, despite that it's obvious that Abele didn't do his homework either.

It should also be noted that to help with the situation, he "connected with Giacomo and connected him with Aaron."  Aaron would be Aaron Rodriguez, of course, who is Abele's ghost writer and has weighed in repeatedly with his propaganda and lies to attack people who dare to want to get paid a living wage.

In summary, through the articles by Bice and Liebmann as well as the few points that I have made here, as well as the other ones that the gentle reader is more than clever enough to pick up on their own, we see that Abele is a horrible hypocrite, a master manipulator, an egregious egocentric, a petty tyrant and a pitiful sockpuppet for well-moneyed special interests.

Or in other words, Abele is really living up to his courthouse nickname of Little Walker.  All he needs is a secret router.

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  1. Did Abele claim to be a Democrat? I think you just kind of supported him anyway, right? Those elections are non-partisan if I recall correctly.

    It's still very amusing to watch you spin as you recognize just exactly who your union dollars elected. Abele's gotta be a genius. I'm kind of embarrassed I doubted him.