Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Abele's Plutocracy Still Proving To Be Very Unpopular

When the Milwaukee County Board started holding their "OUR Milwaukee" listening sessions, the turnout was good and the vast majority of the people were against Chris Abele's plutocratic power grab.

Abele and his apologists brushed it off as it being the unions and "special interest groups" cramming the place.  (And if Abele and his supporters complaining about "special interest groups" doesn't cause you to give a derisive snort, nothing will.)

If this was true, opposition to the Plutocratic Power Grab Bill would quickly subside.

Milwaukee County's First District, represented by Supervisor Theo Lipscomb, is one of the most, if not the most, politically balanced districts in the county.  To gauge where his constituents stood, he sent out a survey.

The results were very interesting.

The following comes from Lipscomb's e-newsletter:
After sending out thousands of surveys and receiving over 400 responses during the course of two months, I am pleased to say that the results are in. Below is a summary of the survey responses as they pertain to Milwaukee County Board reform, as well as a link to the full results.

Survey Highlights
  • The survey asked, "How much time do you want your County Supervisor to dedicate to the job of representing you on County issues?" The top answer to this question was full-time. Nearly 70 percent want at least half-time representation.
  • An overwhelming majority of survey respondents (over 75 percent) answered that they believed decisions about the budget, operation and organization of Milwaukee County government should be made by Milwaukee County.
  • 65 percent of respondents felt that significant cuts should be made to County government. In addition, a little over half of respondents believed that significant cuts should be made to the County Executive’s office and State government.
  • When asked to rank issues and services relating to Milwaukee County in order of importance, respondents place economic development as their most important issue, with property taxes and levy limits as the second most important issue. Public safety ranked third. Economic development was ranked number one overall, and its average ranking was also the highest. County Board reform had an average ranking of seven out of ten.
The full poll results are in this pdf which he included in his email.

As the gentle reader can see, the reforms which were just enacted by the Milwaukee County Board closely reflect the results of this survey.  Meanwhile, the bill being sponsored by Abele and the Greater Milwaukee Committee fly in the face of the will of the people.

That would go a long way in explaining why Abele, the Greater Milwaukee Committee and their minions are going to such lengths to mislead and hide the truth from the public.

If Abele's bill was as benevolent as he tries to portray it, he wouldn't need to resort to such base and boorish behaviors, such deceptions and such lies.  The fact that he is doing these things show that not only is his overreaching power grab bad for Milwaukee, but he is bad for Milwaukee.

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