Wednesday, May 8, 2013

They Are Who We Thought They Were

With all of the hullabaloo about the thirteen Democrats who turned on their constituents by siding with the illegal, immoral and inane anti-poor bill, there are two other stories that have hit today that might have been missed, but are very pertinent to this story.

One has to do with former legislator Elizabeth Coggs who lost to State Senator Nikiyah Harris in the last election.  Coggs' fall from grace had much to do with the fact that she sold out her constituents for a few bucks from the school privateers.

Coggs further cemented her position as a turncoat by attending the WISGOP convention this past weekend:
The Milwaukee Democrat and nine other African-Americans from Milwaukee attended the state GOP convention in Wausau as guests of Milwaukee County GOP chairman David Karst and had expenses paid as part of their trip.

The group met with U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and had an hour and a half meeting with U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Karst said. The group discussed issues such as jobs and taxpayer-funded private voucher schools with Republicans at the convention, he said.


Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said he took the opportunity to talk with Coggs, who last year lost to Sen. Nikiya Harris (D-Milwaukee) in a primary race to take over the Senate seat vacated at the end of last year by her uncle, current city of Milwaukee treasurer Spencer Coggs.

“She’s always been a school choice supporter,” Vos said. “The Republican party is doing outreach while I think the Democrats are opposing anyone who doesn’t toe the party line.”
Yeah, and Vos' definition of doing outreach actually involves former Representative Michele Litjens.

But to categorize this some sort of outreach or bipartisanship is laughable. Just because Coggs has a "D" behind her name, it doesn't make her a Democrat. Just look at Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and his good buddy, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. Coggs is no more a Democrat than either of those clowns.

Sadly, Coggs is not the only one that has crossed the line.

Lisa Kaiser at the Shepherd Express wrote a report about how Scott Jensen's misnamed American Federation for Children tried to conceal the fact that it had spent almost $2.4 million on Wisconsin campaigns and candidates last year. In said article, Kaiser includes this tidbit which confirms what we've known for quite some time - voters cleared out a lot of posers last year:
What AFC didn’t brag about, though, is the string of losers that it backed in the Democratic primaries last summer.

AFC dumped at least $100,000 in support of the losing campaigns of Elizabeth Coggs, Millie Coby, Jason Fields, Jarrett Fields and Tracey Dent.

Democratic voters rejected all of them.

Still, the AFC does have at least one Democratic supporter in the state Legislature.

According to her latest Statement of Economic Interests filed with the GAB, Democratic Sen. Lena Taylor received a $1,000 scholarship to attend AFC's convention.

(Taylor also received a $1,250 scholarship to attend the convention of Howard Fuller’s Black Alliance for Educational Opportunity.)
Gee, Lena Taylor selling out her constituents - or to be more accurate - the children of her constituents for a few thousand bucks.


It's time for the Democrats to refind themselves, as in by yesterday, and clean up their acts or the voters will continue to do it for them.  These kinds of betrayals are not going to be continued to be tolerated.


  1. So Republicans need to compromise and see the democratic side of the coin, but not vice versa? Hypocritical much?

    1. I have yet to see a Republican move towards a compromise. If they don't get their way, they stomp and scream and throw temper tantrums. But they won't compromise.

  2. Corey, screwing the poor and working class is NOT "compromise."

  3. School choice is popular in the African American community. Not sure what the point of this post is. If anything, by white liberals purging the party of voucher supporters, we have screwed ourselves out of having people at the table to make sure there is accountability in these schools and they have to abide by the rules as public schools. Republicans will certainly not compromise now.

    1. If it's so popular, why was it losing students left and right until Walker bailed them out with our tax money?

  4. Plus, I am not sure siding with Republicans on one minor issue that benefits the African American community makes Beth Coggs a republican.

  5. Im sorry how does it benefit the African American community?

    1. More options for the most vulnerable kids who need help.

  6. Im sorry I thought we were talking voucher schools which use profits to prey on the most vulnerable. What you described is not on the table in Wisconsin