Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kewaunee And The Koch Knob Kevin

Today, 650 people were officially put out of family supporting jobs when the Kewaunee power plant closed down permanently.

As I have pointed out before, the reason the plant closed is because it couldn't keep up with the less expensive natural gas which is being harvested through the toxic frac sanding.

And as we know, frac sanding became all too prevalent when the Koch Brothers and other Big Energy vampires bought out state legislatures across the country in order to allow them to spread like locusts.

So it should come as no surprise that Kevin Binversie, who holds an entry level position in the vast Koch Propaganda machine, would have this overwhelming amount of sympathy for all those people and their families who are now without an income due to his bosses:
The big win­ner in all this is Green Bay-based Wis­con­sin Pub­lic Ser­vice.  They’ve made dra­matic improve­ments over the years in their coal and nat­ural gas plants which has helped keep prices low.  Per­haps some­day another nuclear power plant will come online — with­out all the protest headaches — and power the needs of north­east [sic] Wis­con­sin once again.
This dipstick doesn't even mention the loss of all those jobs or offers faint sympathy for all the people who's lives have just been thrown in turmoil.  Nor does he look at what it's going to do to the communities near the plant.

All this fool can do is look at how to capitalize on these people's sufferings.  Not that there will be much left after all the policies he and his bosses have been pushing for continue to take their toll.

But then again, if you ever read one of Binversie's posts, you already know that he and class are not even passing strangers.


  1. This creep claims on his Blog he still works at HUD. He works for the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity (sic), which partners with the Heritage Foundation. It co-sponsored programs with Americans for Prosperity (sic) and James O'Keefe. No wonder he has a problem with facts.

  2. Yeah and he' s going to law school, etc
    You can't blame him for his views, he only thinks what he is told to think and writes what he's told to write!
    Read the drivel at his website, it's hilarious, the rock, dogs, cousin bob?
    Sounds like he's some kinda hillbilly.