Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No Soup For You!

By Jeff Simpson

We brought you the ridiculous story of Dean Kaufert and Robin Vos wanting to tell people on food stamps what they could and could not buy at the grocery store. 

It was such a Big Government, intruding in your life laughable ridiculous bill that we made fun of it here a few days ago.   As we know on Cog_Dis, there is more and boy is there!

It turns out this bill of Kauferts, who pretends to represent Wisconsinites, actually classified brown eggs, sharp cheddar and organic milk as "junk food".

Wisconsin's AB 110 would mandate that two-thirds of a person's FoodShare benefits could be spent only on foods on the WIC-approved list. Exemptions have been added so recipients can also purchase fish, beef, pork, chicken, and potatoes. Strangely, exemptions were not added so that the "healthy" two-thirds could also be spent on a full range of healthy Wisconsin farm products and fresh food.

The result is that the bulk of your FoodShare dollars can be spent on milk, but not organic milk; on eggs, but only on white eggs by the dozen, not on brown, free-range, or organic eggs; on 100 percent whole wheat bread, but not on gluten-free bread for those with Celiac disease; on slices of American cheese, but not sharp cheddar. FoodShare dollars can be spent on dry beans, but not if they come from a money-saving bulk bin at your local food coop. You can get juice boxes for your children, but only Juicy Juice brand juice boxes.
 But WAIT there's more, its NOT just those foods there are so many more, as an anonymous source told me:

THe WIC list is terribly restrictive. I know a lot of people have been talking about the fact you can’t buy brown eggs, but the list does not include many basic foods.

The WIC list had no oils, margarine or butter. It has no spices, herbs, sauces, mustard, catsup or salad dressing.It has no flour, baking soda, sugar or honey.  It has no pasta, noodles, canned soups, canned beans, or canned meat like chili etc...  crackers, bagels. It only allows 100% wheat bread. It does not take into effect anyone with a gluten free diet. 

 So we have decided that the poor people in our community do not deserve to eat soup, frozen foods, crackers or  frozen dinners.   Who eats frozen dinners in 2013 you say, well my source answered that:

  The last 4 are especially important to the elderly, disabled and ill people who get FoodShare. These individuals may not be able to cook a meal "from scratch" or even have access to a full kitchen.

These people depend on "ready to heat" meals, but they may not be able to purchase as many "ready to heat” meals as they need because AB 110 restricts ALL of Non-WIC foods to a mere 33% of their monthly FoodShare amount.
More info on WIC here

Well Sorry Grandma, its Darwin's theory in WI.  Only the big dogs eat here!

Headache yet?  Sorry....as you guessed, there is more:

What have the studies had to say about this?

On the healthy foods bill, no studies have looked at the spending on different kinds of groceries within Wisconsin's FoodShare program, according to the state Department of Health Services. That means it's unclear whether the bill would actually increase the amount of money spent on healthy food in FoodShare.

Kaufert said that the bill should be passed because a substantial amount of FoodShare benefits is clearly being spent on junk food. But Rep. Evan Goyke (D-Milwaukee) said that's due in part to the fact that needy families in areas such as Milwaukee's inner city don't have ready access to stores stocking fresh fruits and vegetables.

Well there are no studies but everyone Kaufert knows poorer than him, is fat and no where near the physical fitness specimen that he is so they must be eating junk food!

Sorry my friends, but we are NOT even done yet!  What is the cost of implement this program?  Surely the deficit hawk, fiscal conservatives would have done a cost benefit analysis before ever bringing this bill to a vote right?  right?   ummmmm....

 The costs of implementing the program have also been a concern for grocery store owners, who would need to make significant computer system changes to do that. Kaufert's bill has drawn outright opposition from other groups, including Kraft Food Group - the food giant whose holdings include Oscar Mayer Co. in Madison - PepsiCo Inc. and state associations representing food processors, convenience stores and retailers.
So when we desperately need jobs we are forcing an unfunded expensive mandate on some of our biggest employers.....brilliant strategy!

And yes there is more!How does this compare or conflict with federal mandates?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which oversees the FoodShare program, isn't commenting on the Wisconsin bill. In the past, it has rejected proposals in other states restricting the sales of soda or candy using public benefits, including Minnesota in 2004, New York in 2010, and Mississippi in 2012.

It will probably be rejected.  So we are spending all of this time and wasting money implementing a new restrictive big government intrusion law that  will in the end be rejected. At least we let the poor know that they have been living the good life by eating honey, Ketchup and Mustard far too long.

You lazy bastards have had dressing on your salads for long enough!  We are gunning for you!!

The worst part is when the 858,000 Wisconsinites who received some form of FoodShare benefits needed someone to stand up for them.  The democratic party went AWOL.

When 858,000 Wisconsinites needed someone to explain that the problem is the healthy food costs too much and many people do not have access to real grocery stores anyway, these 13 democrats said too bad for you!  

When 858,000 Wisconsinites, were saying, in a very LOUD chorus, we NEED JOBS, these 13 democrats stood shoulder to shoulder with Robin Vos and said - we have other priorities!

When 858,000 Wisconsinites are working their butt's off to get by and raise their families, these 13 democrats said - "shame on you - get a job!"

When 858,000 Wisconsinites had no where else to turn, these 13 democrats looked them in the eyes and said "you are not deserving of butter,  soup, ketchup or Spices."!

Do not fear though, in a year those same democrats will be asking you to give them donations, volunteer for them doing doors, and answering phones.   858,000 people in a state of 5.7 million is a significant amount of votes(to put this in context, Pat "I see nothing" Roggensack's total vote was 482,696) and the dems will be asking you for their help.

They will need it!

Remember this day, I will!  

If one of these democrats is YOUR rep, call them.  If not call Peter Barca and express your outrage that he would support such big government, intrusive legislation in WI!

Madison Office
Room 201 West
State Capitol
P.O. Box 8952
Madison, WI 53708
(608) 266-5504
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Twitter - @peterwbarca

Voting Address

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  1. Cheddar cheese is a junk food! This Kaufert creep must be from Illinois. Off with his head before he does more damage to Wisconsin!

  2. They're trying to force people to buy from the large factory farms and GMO growers. The silver lining in all this cruel, non-scientific legislation is that most people in WI on FoodShare are rural white rethuglican voters. Not that I wish them further hardship, but hopefully this will shake their faith in that letter "R." This may be a blessing in disguise. We shall see come 2014.

  3. Brown eggs are exactly the same as white eggs, they are just...brown. Since when are slices of processed cheese more nutritious than sharp cheddar? What kind of moron came up with this list...oh right, Kaufert.

  4. Why is there a soul-less movement of people so determined to see people starve? My heart is breaking.

  5. Just FWIW - WIC is a supplemental food program for women and infants. It is not meant to buy all the food for them - here's a list: http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/wic/benefits.htm
    It has a farmer's market program, so that helps local farmers and the participants.
    Although of course corporate farms and stores will get all the government assistance they can, so will owner owned stores. I know this because I used to work for WIC and there were lots of corner groceries in the program. Yes, this is scary and probably will have some bad features, esp in the beginning, but it may get fresh produce in the smaller ghetto and local stores. They often carry only meat, soda, alcohol, candy, canned goods, frozen food and junk food. Maybe milk and carrots and potatoes. About WIC limiting eggs - if they do, it's probably because of price - the corporate store can charge 3 to 4 times more for some 'organic', 'brown', 'omega 3' eggs

    1. um the problem with the eggs is its cheaper and more environmentally responsible to buy an 18 pack of eggs than a dozen. Really what planet are you on? ghetto's in Wisconsin? Very, very, very, few small stores participate in WIC or Foodstamps. And I know this because I used to get WIC. Also from a business standpoint, small stores often can't afford to stock fresh fruits and vegetables, it means more licensing, more codes, more shrinkage. Wic is the dumbest waste of time money paper and resources on the planet. Its humiliating degrading, and a total pain in the ass. WIC sucks and so does this bill. Since you worked for WIC can you tell me how much money wasn't used because its too difficult and inconvenient? Like a lot. Also, when I used WIC I threw out so much food because it forces you to buy so much of one thing but not enuf of another. DISGUSTING

    2. So stores should make the maximum profit because fruits and vegies cost more to stock? And I guess you weren't starving or you would not have thrown out the food. I know most of the WIC vouchers were redeemed and many grocery stores, if not all grocery stores in the state participated in the program. They were anxious to get on the program - who would turn down another source of customer money? And yes there are ghettos in Milwaukee - they are areas that have been totally burned down. Go to 22nd and Lloyd if you don't believe me.

  6. It's worth noting that there was a strict party line vote on an amendment to this bill that would have put any food produced by a Wisconsin farm on the "nice" list.

    1. Yes it is worth noting that. I would also note that the republicans turning this amendment down alone was reason enough to vote NO.

  7. I want to know who supported this bill so I can avoid voting for them in the next election. Those idiots surely lost my vote!

    1. the list is above ....click on the pic

    2. one error:Larson is listed as an "R" but is a "D".

    3. These are Assembly reps, so that's Republican Tom Larson. Democrat Chris Larson is in the Senate.


  8. So cheese heads can't eat cheddar cheese? Ridiculous. While I agree that we all need to eat healthier, don't tell me what I can't eat.

    But I must say, there are so many items on WIC that you CAN get now... When I used to get WIC, it was only cereal, eggs, milk, juice, peanut butter, and cheese. And you can still get food stamps to fill in what you can't get on WIC. So I understand you can't get everything with that, because they want pregnant ladies and babies to eat HEALTHY.

    Food stamps, on the other hand, have no business making these types of demands.

    I will write them.

  9. And yet they are putting into the budget a ban on banning the sale of junk food & large sugary drinks. Go figure.