Monday, May 6, 2013

Waukesha County, Brought To You By The Letter R!

By Jeff Simpson

Q.  What happens when a well known, stereotypical, unethical, slimy republican politician gets convicted for crimes against democracy? 

A.  He Judge shops to Waukesha County, where they are only too happy to oblige to devote time and resources and a desired outcome to keep the republican party from ever looking bad or being at a  disadvantage

Q.  What happens when parents who are not big republican players,  make one of the toughest phone calls that they will ever have to make, and call the authorities and tell them that their son is very very sick, and needs help before he ends up hurting someone?

A.  When their pleas to police and at the jail went nowhere, Jim Kuester said he sought help from the office of Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas. His message was relayed to Vrakas’ chief of staff, Shawn Lundie, who said it went no further.

Bonus Question:  What happens when the first priority of a county,  is protecting your political party from danger and not the citizens of WI? 

A.   Innocent people Die



  1. “Good government” is an oxymoron to Republicans. They do not believe government should serve the People, and they demonstrate that when they seize power.

    Scotties Walker and Jensen of the Maciver Institute have no problem that their taxpayer-funded offices are used for their politicking.

    Walker gives lip service that state government should aid the mentally ill. When Walker and his Republican cronies address the problem of drunken driving, they do not fund alcoholism treatment. Instead they are ready to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build more prisons to house more drunken drivers. Prison won’t change drunken drivers. Proper treatment, however, will help many of them. But treatment is good government which Republicans want no part of.

  2. Rural residents vote strongly Republican even though tax-shifting and governmental budget cuts are hurting rural residents more than others. Statistically it is likely that the three farmers who were killed because of the lack of mental health services probably voted to cut those very services.

    1. You are dead on that is how we ended up it this rat hole.

      Low information voters voting against their own best interests and high five-in each other every step of the way.

      Unfortunately it may have cost these three gentlemen their lives.

      Even sadder is the surviving family members and friends probably are in the same bubble.

    2. Question why weren't these three Waukesha County victims armed?

      Wisconsin does have both open carry and concealed carry by permit right?

      I thought that is what I've read.

    3. An Intelligent Gun OwnerMay 6, 2013 at 9:34 AM

      Wow, blaming the victims much?

      We're not sure if they had weapons on them. Not that it wouldn't have done much good if the guy had a gun first before they could get a hold of theirs.

      Do you even think before your comment? How fast this can happen? We're not a damn spy film, once the gun is out and the shooting begins you really have a fucking short amount of time to get the gun, load the gun, and get everything ready while the perpetrator is shooting at you.

      Jesus christ, you lockstep conservative gun nuts are idiots. Step out in the real world for once in your life instead of living in a fantasy where you're going rambo.

    4. "An Intelligent Gun Owner" @9:34

      Well I guess my last post was a little to tongue in cheek.

      And of course you are exactly right.

      Carrying a gun is not what the movies make it out to be.

      I would correct only two things you said:

      1. I am life long Democrat definitely not a lock step conservative (although I occasionally pose as one)

      2. I do live in the real world. I'm a former military medic. I've seen the damage guns do.

      I'm a real gun owner. With no kids in the house. Guns locked in a gun safe. I do not live in fear.

      I do carry one if we are camping in the backwoods bear country.

      And thanks for taking my alter person to task. You are dead on. I accept the tongue lashing with a smile. I hope between the two of us we made a serious point.

  3. If “Soft on Crime” Republican judges did not coddle criminal Scott Jensen of the Maciver Institute, maybe Scott Walker’s Milwaukee County Executive staff would not have committed the same crimes as Jensen did. The Republican judges’ leniency toward Jansen cost taxpayers plenty by paying for the Walkergate investigation, prosecutions and incarcerations.

    You have to wonder if Robin Vos would think twice about allowing professional political fundraiser Michelle Litjens into his private office and bedroom if Jansen had been punished for his crimes.

  4. The Jensen staffer, who lied for him under oath and was convicted of perjury, got off with a slap on the wrist and was promptly accepted into the GOP Felon Rehabilitation Program. The payoff? A sweet job at the Metro Milwaukee Assn of Commerce as *wait for it* Vice-President of Gov't Affairs! He lives in Brookfield. The GOP mafia in Waukesha County is no joke. They're out to buy Wisconsin one county at a time - and they don't care who dies as a result.

    1. The depths of corruption within the Wisconsin Republican Party never fails to amaze me. No longer can Governor Walker appeal to Illinois business' and claim Wisconsin government is clean compared with Illinois.

    2. And may we also remind you that one of Kathy Nickolaus' first jobs in politics was working for....David Prosser and the Assembly GOP Caucus. It's quite the inbred cesspool of corruption, and Chicago Dems have nothing on the 262-supported Republicans

  5. I know, Jake. They're my neighbors. But, as one of Tricky Nicky's GOP gal pals said about the negative press heaped on the embattled county clerk for her creative election tabulation methods, "She's only doing what they tell her to do."

    And that's not heresay.