Monday, June 23, 2014

2 East Main

By Jeff Simpson

With this interview from the head of the Wisconsin Democratic party, we at Cogdis were privy to an earlier conversation! 

This is scene one in the Wisconsin Gubernatorial race of 2014!

SW: Mike this is a very hard time trying to run the state and go through this investigation and run for president, I don't need the hassle. 

MT: Yes Sir Mr. Walker

SW:  Good I knew I could count on you.

MT:  Yes Sir, Mr. Walker.  I will do my best to make sure no one mentions that you are at the center of a criminal investigation and have been the last four years.     I refuse to mention that you have spent 3/4 of a million dollars on lawyers defending your activities.  I wont mention all of your staff that have been convicted either.   My lips are sealed!

SW:  And if anyone else does?

MT:  You saw how quickly we shunned and attacked Bret Hulsey....

SW:  Yes it was beautiful.  Hulsey's little stunt almost shone a light on our incredibly racist policies and emails,  since I have been in office.  I mean seriously my staff works hard, you need to raise alot of money to run for president, so why not let them blow off some steam by racist jokes.  You can only make fun of public workers so much, you need to mix it up a little.  

MT:  If anyone knows how to deliver a strong speech its you sir.   

SW:  Keep up the good work Michael, now leave me alone.  This steak dinner and expensive wine is not for you!   When you see Eric and JB in the lobby, send them in.  I have to give them their orders!

Also, if you know any good plumbers(wink wink) let Mike Huebsch know. 

MT:   Yes sir.   Have a great day sir.

SW:   mumbles and chews.....  

dim lights.....draw curtain

curtain call:

Tricky Dicks


  1. Ha ha! Outstanding. And Mike will get a trip out to Cali with Scott when this is all over with.

  2. Ha ha!

    Way to continue to prove "solidarity" is just a circle around your feet!

    Hulsey is not a credible candidate -- but you don't know him. He will get crushed here because people know his record in the community.

    He will get crushed across the state because no one knows him and when they learn of his behavior in Madison, they won't support him.

    You're taking indirect shots at Mary Burke here -- way to go -- your "heros" were too chicken to run.

    And you falsely assert they would not have been allowed too.

    There are issues in the democratic party -- but then there are issues with your racist and mindless support of some of the worst public schools in America.

    It will be you and capper that get the trip out to Cali when scott walker "wins" because folks like you were unwilling to support change.

  3. You got this backwards -- now is not the time to make hay of the john doe stuff -- we may not see indictments and pinning all hopes of taking the governor's office on this is more-than stooooopid.

    Just look at capper's constant cheerleading for the first john doe -- nothing has (to date) come of the "barrel-o-fun" that was always said to be walker's downfall.

    Walker is going to spend millions saying this is just partisan and you want to legitimize this in the eyes of voters?

    When there are indictments, you can expect Tate and others to come forward.

    Mary Burke, regardless of whether-or-not she is my ideal candidate, is taking the right course here -- she is disappointed and then she pivots to issues that impact the lives of voters -- even some that would lean towards walker.

    I have no problem with your john doe coverage, even when capper was over-the-top and not reality-based.

    But running down the party for not jumping on a complex case that could be entirely thrown out and potentially backfire on prosecutors is not smart.

    Tate said nothing to marginalize the ongoing investigation and is protecting the interests of the party and Mary Burke by not helping scott walker claim this is partisan.

    WTF is with the cheap shots that appear to only be aimed at generating clicks from ignorant people?

  4. I'm mostly with Anon 5:23. The DPW can (and should) have an overall theme of "we will stop corruption and reinstall ethics to the Governor's office," but they don't need to be piling on the "criminal scheme" AS OF THIS TIME. All that does is raises the noise level, which the whiny WisGOPs want to do.

    Let the kids scream themselves out over the next week, have the 4th hit, and THEN hammer them. And it feels like there are more items to come with this, so why shoot the wad now 4 1/2 months before the election?

    Jeff just constantly wants to hammer Mike Tate (and granted, Tate deserves to be ripped at times), but that level of childishness from Jeff is very tiresome.

    As Wooderson might say "Patience darlin', patience." There are many more months of revenue shortfalls, bad job numbers and John Doe revelations to go.

  5. Yes this strategy worked well during the United Sportsmen scandal, they really made some traction on that one.

  6. You mean the same United Sportsmen group that's named in the latest round of WalkerDocs as part of the illegal coordination? It ALL flows from here, and we don't have 9 hours of free airtime to throw fake BS against the wall and hope it sticks.

    If they aren't talking about ethics and corruption in 3 months, then you have every right to be outraged. By when your opponent is tying his own noose with his whining and desperate spin....let him.

  7. I don'the know whether Scott Walker has gotten to Tate but he clearly has gotten to Simpson. This post can only come from an unhinged mind.

  8. More divide and conquer by Simpson and Cap. It's counterproductive to go after Walker on the Doe 2 Tate of Burke. It was with the John Doe 1 as well.

    1. It's counterproductive to go after Walker on the Doe 2 Tate of Burke. It was with the John Doe 1 as well.

      Go home, troll. You're drunk.

    2. Now Capper - is that anyway to treat one of your avid readers over a few typos. Shame shame shame.

      Let me have a redo - it's counterproductive
      to go after Walker regarding the JOHN DOE 2 by Take and Burke. The more they hammer on that the more Walker plays the victim card. This was also the case for John Doe 1. There - are you happy oh crabby Capper. :)

    3. I vehemently disagree. I dont think Burke should focus on it but I do think she should not avoid it.

      I also think Tate should be hammering on it. We can, as an electorate handle more than one thought at a time.

      They like to send out fundraising emails about it so someone must care.

    4. Instead of complaining we're not doing doors, perhaps the party would do better to understand why people aren't doing doors. It's too late now, but maybe they'll get it through their thick skulls.

  9. All you Anons criticizing Jeff and Capper have a very large problem. You have to explain why O'Keefe, the Koch brothers, and the Wall Street Journal Editorial page, that's Rupert Murdoch, and Judge Randa appear VERY comfortable with Gov. Mary Burke.

    Please, explain to me why that is? Explain to me why they couldn't wait until after November to launch their latest jihad against Francis Schmitz, other prosecutors, investigators, law enforcement, and the rest of Wisconsin?

    Even Sen. Ron Sunspot Johnson is caving on marriage equality, which means the one issue that really separates the two candidates is choice. I'm pro-choice, but please correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't November look more and more like a Republican primary?

    Ms. Burke has said some good things, but so did Chris Abele and look how that turned out. There's a real risk in drafting wealthy candidates with no prior elected experience.

    I certainly hope my concerns about Ms. Burke turn out to be wrong.

    1. Good point -- why have we never seen Mary Burke in a room together with Eric O'Keefe, the Koch brothers, Judge Randa, Rupert Murdoch or the Wall Street Journal editorial page? I think we Superman fans all know the answer to that one!

      As for not waiting until November I think that you are not seeing the brass ring that the plutocrats and dark money channelers are aiming for: the end of all campaign finance law enforcement. When WI CFG complains that the JD2 investigation is hampering their ability to participate in the current campaign cycle I see no reason not to believe them. And if they succeed in breaking JD2 then you can bet all bets will be off as far as cooperation with FSW is concerned, and Gov. Mary Burke will be a stick in a tsunami. Perhaps she will still prevail, but even so with the Legislature and Supreme Court in tow Gov. Mary Burke would be the least of their concerns.

  10. Hey, guys. I've made some comments lately that haven't appeared. Have I been blocked?

  11. Uh-oh. Looks like it must've been operator (submitter) error. My bad. Sorry!