Friday, June 13, 2014

The Paradox of Media Trackers

By Jeff Simpson

The lead story on Mediatrackkkers website when I looked was this one. 

Wisconsin Police Chief Harasses Tea Party Activist

A Wisconsin police chief used his official and personal computers to harass a Tea Party activist who is suing him in federal court. Confronted by law enforcement investigators about the harassment, the chief initially denied having any knowledge of it. Told of the evidence against him, he admitted he had spent time harassing a private citizen out of spite.

Tim Kelemen is the police chief in the town of Campbell, Wisconsin. He has a personal vendetta against local activist Greg Luce.

 The horror of it all!  This piece of "reporting" by Brian Sikkkma(who has his own questions to answer) is obviously meant to show how the right wing in Wisconsin is always the victim.   It is a card they play often and they play it well!   

 However, all irony aside, the very next story on their website is this(seriously you can not make this stuff up):


“Segway Boy” Makes Wis. Ballot, But DA Starts Probe


But even though Ryan is going to make it on the ballot, his troubles aren’t over yet. It is unclear if the GAB will look into the method he used to gather the signatures in a separate investigation unrelated to his approval to get on the ballot.

What is clear is that Racine County District Attorney Rich Chiapete is investigating Ryan. According to an e-mail seen by Media Trackers, Chiapete reviewed a complaint filed with the GAB and assigned a detective to open an investigation into Jeremy Ryan to see if he did indeed break state election law.

 Seriously how do these guys sleep at night?   



 PSAnother fun side note on the challenge to Jeremy Ryan's signatures:

 E-mails reviewed by Media Trackers show the GAB was initially reluctant to consider a complaint about Ryan filed by Tamra Varebrook last Thursday. Varebrook’s complaint detailed numerous social media postings – including photographs – and other evidence of Ryan advertising his petition as something besides a ballot access petition.

 The hard core republican activist who ran in the Democratic Primary of the recall election as a Democrat, filed a complaint against Jeremy Ryan, based on a facebook post she trolled, for possibly misleading the people.    

 I wonder if when getting people to sign, she pointed out that she was actually a republican and she was just running in the primary so the taxpayers in her district could needlessly pay a few hundred thousand dollars on an unnecessary primary?

Are there any adults left in the republican party? 




  1. Segway Jeremy Ryan is not a dick, he continues to put up a good fight against dicks like paul ryan and scott walker. Thanks for telling this story.

  2. Like fellow fop, Bowen, you have no idea what "irony" means? Don't you ever get tired of writing the same blog everyday? Your therapist is going to own a boat soon.

  3. Jesus, Tammy really have nothing better to do? That wretched woman is the most pathetic human on this planet, and that's saying something.

  4. what exactly is your point to this post?

    1. You guys really do need everything explained to you, dont you?

      In the first story they are appalled(by the way so am I) that an official with the government would be messing with a tea party activist.

      The next story tells us how badly they want the government to mess with an activist they disagree with.

      DO i need to explain the hypocrisy further to you corey?