Thursday, June 19, 2014

Walker & Colbert in Solidarity

When one of the top comedians in the country takes on one of the biggest jokes of a politician in the country, hilarity ensues!     Scott Walker has said so many almost laughable things in his career about gay rights that he finally was parodied on the national stage! 

I believe we must all respect Walker’s privacy in this difficult time to be against gay marriage,” Colbert said. “It is a personal matter between him and his pollster. It is none of the public’s business what Walker decides in the privacy of his own governor’s mansion.”

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  1. With all the big walkergate news breaking, why just gay fun today? (and none of it has a dumpster-full-O'fun)

    This post is old news and largely beaten to death across the media and bloggosphere.

    And then downstairs it looks like a uninteresting post degenerated into a celebration of gay green bay packers.