Monday, June 2, 2014

Rex Sinquefield

By Jeff Simpson

Forbes Contributor, Rex Sinquefeld, LOVES him some Scott Walker!  

And now, with only five months to go in his re-election bid in one of the tightest races in the country, Governor Walker is floating the idea of eliminating income taxes all together. There is no uncertainty or anything vague about where Walker stands on critical state policies. (His commitment to education reform is just as clear, focused, and well-articulated.)
 Yes, I too just threw up in my mouth a little.  Who is this Rex guy anyway?

(!?html Contributor
I am the retired co-founder of Dimensional Fund Advisors. A committed Missouri philanthropist, I serve as president of the Show Me Institute, a state think-tank for limited government, and am president and chairman of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis. To learn more, please visit my website at

Yes Yes a "free market" guy from Missouri who happens to have taken an interest in WI despite the fact he has probably never even visited here.  Who is rex really?

Rex is a columnist who while writing about the successes of a political candidate, has given said political candidate $75,000(how much money did you make last year?) in donations.  

The author of an opinion piece in Forbes calling the Wisconsin governor’s race “must-see political theater” has also contributed handsomely to Gov. Scott Walker campaigns.

Rex Sinquefield, who wrote that Walker is the candidate to keep Wisconsin “on a path to success” has, with his wife Jeanne, donated $75,000 to the Republican since 2011, according to campaign finance records.

When not making the case for trickle-down economics, Sinquefield has been very active in Missouri’s Club for Growth — that state’s version of the group at the center of the John Doe investigation in Wisconsin over alleged illegal campaign activity.

Those credentials are left off Sinquefield’s bio on the Forbes piece...
 Yes that is exactly who he is!  The guy who isn't  sacred to throw around his moeny to get what he wants and ethics mean nothing!  


  1. The thing about Tea Party types is they want something for nothing. They want to cut taxes while eliminating deficit spending. OK. Then what spending do they want to cut? That question is never answered because what discretionary spending is left to cut would create significant problems - unless you don’t care if Americans starve to death or if more bridges collapse or the only clean water available is from Ice Mountain at Kwik Trip.

    Walker could make up income tax revenue by raising the sales tax. Someone estimated Wisconsin sales tax would have to be 15% to make up for lost income tax revenue. Sales tax is a regressive tax and such a hike would upset more people than those pleased with eliminating the income tax.

    But Tea Partiers like Walker have a third way. Make up revenue by issuing government bonds, which means borrowing money to be paid back in the future. However under Walker’s irregular accounting methods, issuing bonds is not the same as borrowing, so Walker claims he balanced the budget when he cut property taxes and made up the revenue selling bonds.

    The Magic of Tea Party Economics where you get something for nothing!

  2. More like "nothing for something" or another. Twisted logic is just that.

  3. Got to agree with Rex on one point.
    WI governor's contest is indeed "must-see political theater.". Looking forward to seeing the curtain come down on Walker's act.