Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Popcorn Worthy Primary

In recent weeks, there have been two primary races that have caught the national eye. Both of these races were between establishment Republicans and extremist Tea Party candidates.

In the bigger race, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was handed a stunning defeat by Tea Party challenger David Brat.  More recently, Thad Cochran barely eked out a come from behind victory over his Tea Party opponent, Chris McDaniel.

In Wisconsin's 4th Congressional District, we have a GOP primary that is shaping up to be rather interesting and, depending on your point of view, quite comical.  Sadly, I don't see it getting much attention nationally.

In one corner, we have the perennial Teapublican Dan Sebring.  Sebring has run against Gwen Moore about a gajillon times now, always with the same result.  Sebring has a strong propensity to be a buffoon with problems ranging from unpaid taxes to racist ads to  raffling off guns for the GOP.

In the other corner, we have an extreme Tea Party member named David King, but goes by the name Apostle David King.  Like Sebring, King is a perpetual candidate with a consistent record of failure.  Also like Sebring, King has some interesting history, including being accused of getting a female employee drunk and then raping her.

As if that was not enough, there is this article announcing King's candidacy.  Besides being very poorly written and exemplifying the fact that King has no clue about that which he speaks, comes this little tidbit:
Local grassroots leaders Kristi Lacroix and Paris Procopis is backing King as well. Paris states, “He is not out there giving people a lecture on Ideology 101; he’s actually focused on the real issues that matter. Issues like better education for our kids, and attracting better paying jobs to the Milwaukee area. In fact, he is the only candidate that has actually had to meet a payroll, and with his work with former inmates, he has helped to create thousands of jobs.”
As I'm sure the gentle reader is aware, Kristi Lacroix is the woman whose claim to fame was portraying an educator in a pro-Scott Walker TV ad.  But Lacroix and Procopis are also a part of the lovely bunch of savage, knuckle-dragging trolls that like to call themselves "Knots."  (It is not clear if this moniker is short for Knotheads or Knotzies.)

Even better is the comment left on the above-cited article from Sebring himself:
As a candidate for the same office as David King and the owner/operator of a Milwaukee business for nearly 21 years, I take exception to Mr. Procopis’ statement that David King “is the only candidate that has actually had to meet a payroll”. The statement is patently false and intentionally misleading. The idea that someone who has been in business over two decades would have never had any employees, or have had to meet a payroll is absurd . In my opinion, Mr. Procopis owes the voting public a retraction of his statement that David King “is the only candidate that has actually had to meet a payroll” and an apology.
Oh, yeah.  This should be fun to watch Sebring and King try to out-conservative and out-nutjob each other.

So while we're pulling out our popcorn for this primary, could someone please call Reince Priebus and ask him how his rebranding scheme is working out.


  1. Fun fact about Sebring: a couple of campaigns ago he actually put on his web site his complaint that the multiple women he'd impregnated while not being married to them chose to have abortions. SERIOUSLY?! Where to even begin with this guy...

  2. The Tea Party crowd truly are a bunch of extreme nutjobs.
    Pew Research Center just reported on polling they did among Republicans, where their agreement with Tea Partyers has dropped from 48% in spring of 2010 to 33% in April 2014.

  3. " House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was handed a stunning defeat by Tea Party challenger David Brat"

    not sure if Brat is really your run of the mill Tea-jadi, though it's in mainstream Dem's interest to say that he is. While he's certainly a libertarian, he makes a lot more sense than a teabgger. I'd say he has more in common with David Kucinich than David Duke OR David Koch

  4. TMJ4 has been running ads for Koch Industies recently in an expensive
    effort to rebrand the Koch Brothers' rep for the upcoming elections.
    "...If you put lipstick on a pig, you..."