Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Walker Way

By Jeff Simpson

In the Moraine Park School district, the school board was preparing to treat their teachers well.  Then a problem arose.  The teacher's union recertified!  

 After hearing concerns, the Board went ahead and adopted the 2014-15 budget, which included a 1.46 percent wage increase for union members. Non-union support staff and administrators will receive a 2 percent wage increase.

Divide and conquer is alive and well in WI.  If a majority of teachers decide they want one voice to speak for them, they must be punished!

“We believe there are legal, creative options available to make the faculty feel whole, to not be penalized for choosing to have representation at the bargaining table and beyond,” he told the Board. “We also believe that saying faculty would get a larger salary increase if they didn’t recertify could be considered a prohibited practice by the WERC (Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission). We’d rather not pursue that option, and would really like to settle this here.”
Division arose when members of the Board stated they would offer a 2 percent wage increase to all staff and then reduced it to 1.46 percent when the MPFT voted to recertify in April. MPTC employs around 152 faculty members.

In Wisconsin, the only way people are allowed to collaborate these days, is if it is to get Scott Walker and republicans elected!  

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