Sunday, June 8, 2014


By Jeff Simpson

During the Democratic Convention in the Wisconsin Dells this weekend, one of the themes was #WomenrunWI:

The problem with this Democratic Convention was there were exclusions to all their talking points and the by laws are no longer even By suggestions. 

Mary Walters(who for those wondering is a WI woman), was frozen out of the speaking portion of the convention, despite the fact that she has worked tirelessly to get her name on the ballot (it is) and will be running on the Democratic primary ballot for Lieutenant Governor.     

Another Democratic candidate, activist Mary Jo Walters of Madison, also has registered a campaign for lieutenant governor. Two or more candidates collecting the necessary 2,000 to 4,000 signatures between April 15 and June 2 would force a primary on Aug. 12.

The party of course endorsed John Lehmann for Lieutenant Governor.

Members of the Administrative Committee also voted to endorse state Sen. John Lehman, a Racine Democrat, for lieutenant governor. Madison activist Mary Jo Walters has also registered to run for the state's No. 2 post.
No endorsement was made in the three-way Democratic contest for attorney general.

By Laws be dammed:

 According to the Dem. Party’s own bylaws. the party can not endorse candidates unless there are “unusual circumstances”. In that case the circumstances can be submitted to the party’s Administrative Committee and then a specific candidate can be chosen for a “specific reason” with a 2/3 majority.

Image capture of relevant bylaw text from Constitution of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin:

Is the Reince Priebus leadership model really that appealing?

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