Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Howard Dean on Success in 2014


By Jeff Simpson

Howard Dean knows how to win elections:

Cantor's loss last week was an eye-opener for many campaigns. If Democrats mobilize our base, stand up for what’s right and force a fight on vote-inspiring issues connected to combating income inequality, we can rack up wins that will stun many in Washington’s pundit class — and elect Democratic majorities in the House and Senate in November.

Howard Dean penned his thoughts on the Cantor defeat here(I recommend the whole read):

* First, competing in every state and every district is still vital.
* Second, Americans are so fed up with Congress that even the tea party wants to kick it out.
* Third, organization and shoe leather can beat big money.
* Fourth, base support wins elections — unless it drives you outside the mainstream.

* Lastly, and perhaps most important, Democrats need to learn from Cantor’s loss that anything can happen in 2014.

Unfortunately our state party is too busy spending their time attacking other Democrats and the Greens to worry about how to win an election against the republicans!



  1. "Howard Dean knows how to win elections."


    1. Amazing comment... just full of sober intellectual insight! You make Sykes Belling seem so much more refined in their views.

  2. I posted the 6:29.
    What does gay or Aaron Rogers have to do with this?

    As far as Howard Dean goes, at least he's offering something more concrete than what I've heard otherwise. He is at least enthusiastic about his position, which would help getting a voter turnout in 2014 like we can count on in Presidential election years.
    We will need a big turnout to take these elections in 2014. Dean's #3 will make a big difference.