Monday, June 16, 2014

Watch Schimel Wiggle

By Jeff Simpson

Aspiring republican Attorney General candidate Brad Schimel, recently let it be known that he feels the "Essence of our Democracy" is one where you should be able to buy legislators and legislation.  

We know from the Walker phone call, that republican politicians work very hard not letting us know what they truly feel or think(when they do)!  As the late great Maya Angelou points out:

“When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”

Maya Angelou

Photo: If Brad Schimel is willing to make statements like this in his capacity as District Attorney to a member of the public, one can only imagine what he’s telling campaign donors behind closed doors.


How do you know that is who he is?  Look at his face and actions when asked a question about this:

Have you ever seen anyone trun white as a ghost and run like that? And he thinks he has the cojones to actually be Attorney General?  


  1. He would fit "RIGHT" in with a second Walker administration. Let's hope to the man up above that one term in office is all of these goofs get to drive Wisconsin off the cliff. I've never seen a deer in head lights run as fast as he did!!!

  2. Now that O'Keefe has filed suit against the GAB in Waukesha County, you wonder what kind of influence he will have over the proceedings. He has previously spoken out against the John Doe proceedings, and also made Scott Jenson's corruption charges go away.
    Maybe to him there is no such thing as corruption or bribery. If so, it's hard to be the righteous lighthouse of democracy that he tries to call himself. It's about the common good or general welfare, Brad, not your wallet.

  3. Schimel sounds like Governor Blagojevich.