Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXXIV

Even as Scott Walker's job numbers show how dismal things really are, we keep getting almost daily reminders that his agenda is not working:
State officials have announced that Quantum Spatial in Sheboygan will lay off 68 people on Aug. 23.

The company, which provides high-tech aerial and terrestrial surveys, reported the plan to the Department of Workforce Development.

The 68 employees include 15 geo-spatial technicians, 12 Lidar technicians, 10 imaging/terrain technicians and a smaller number of employees from a range of other job titles.

A woman who answered the phone at Quantum Spatial in Sheboygan late Tuesday afternoon declined to answer questions.

According to the company’s website, Quantum Spatial provides the acquisition, analysis, integration and management of geospatial data using advanced imaging and remote sensing technologies.
It just warms the cockles of one hearts, doesn't it? But the god news is that I'm sure a Dunkin Donuts will be opening near them soon and they can all go there for a part-time, minimum wage job.


  1. They already built the Dunkin Donut last year.

  2. Considering the initial technical training these workers must have had to perform this work, there is a possibility that their jobs like so many other jobs, might now have been outsourced to lower wage foreign workers or maybe have been made obsolete through development of automation of software to perform the tasks. It certainly would be interesting to know.

    However this is what life and society in a capitalist economic system is and loss of jobs like these affects everyone in their families and their communities and does reflect with harsh negativity on the myopic vision and non-existent forethought of our state Republican leadership that goes NOWHERE beyond what other extractive natural resource can we hand over to our campaign contributors at a price they demand and with no further obligation or responsibility placed upon them for the consequences suffered by everyone else. Either way, an absolute failure.

  3. Oh oh -- capper and simpson aren't gonna like this, Burke put out an ad hitting walker on criminal investigations.

    Where's your guy brett hulsey -- the boxcutter wielding and public-nuisance-at-the-beach legislator on this?

    Now they will have to make up some more self-serving hyperbole to attack the democratic party and burke.

    You are such fine examples of self-righteous racist hiding behind a false veneer of "progressive" while undermining any real change that would objectively be in Wisconsin's progressive tradition.

    1. And what did this comment have anything to do with the article mentioned above.

      get a life !

    2. No kidding. This Abele boy (or GOP operative, or both) needs to get off this one note, especially in a post like this.

      Bottom line- the corruption and corporatism and poor economic performance in Fitzwalkerstan go hand-in- hand

  4. 10:52
    Capper and Jeff have not said that John Doe should be the "center of campaign." It sounds like you're the one that wants it all to disappear.
    And it looks like Tate and Burke are also thinking John Doe is an important aspect of this election. Just what don't you understand about DPW's Melissa Baldauff saying "we agree with prosecutors that further investigation is warranted because we believe Wisconsin voters deserve to know the full truth" ?

  5. The John Doe isn't going to go away, and we can thank the republicans for keeping it going. When The Friends of Scott Walker took his case to Judge Randa they brought this to a national stage and the Randa ruling a nationwide impact on campaign finance laws into bold new areas the SCOTUS is most likely not going to tread.

  6. Oh goody goody!

    Mary Burke just put out a walker/john doe ad and the republican prosecutor's attorney denies that walker it a target or will ever be indicted!

    Gee -- that worked realy well, didn't it capper!

    Maybe she should run an ad about all of your original john doe hype, all of which was way-off-base and entirely wrong.

    The crap posted here about Mike Tate and Mary Burke belongs in your dumpster-full-o-fun!

    1. Where did you get that Walker won't get indicted. He didn't say that at all, troll boy. You don't know lawyer speak, do ya?

      Your takes are BORRRR-ING. And in this case, probably off-base. Burke's campaign isn't going to back down on Walker's whining, and they shouldn't. Much more damning detail to come