Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Nuge Brings His Tour Of Hate & Ignorance To Oshkosh

June 20, 2014

Ted Nugent to appear in Oshkosh July 26th

The Waterfest Concert Series in Oshkosh has booked Ted Nugent a classic rock artist who was a superstar in the ‘70s. Mr. Nugent over the years has become increasingly vocal during his performances using the stage as a sounding board for his extreme political beliefs. A person only has to “google” his name to get dozens of “you tube” videos showing his outrageous behavior while performing.

In Longview Texas the Republican Party of Gregg County requested the city cancel Nugent’s concert after viewing these videos and feeling his act was not appropriate. The city complied and Nugent was paid $16,000 to fulfill the contract. The money was raised through donations.

Agree or disagree with Nugent’s political views, we all can agree in a nonpartisan voice that his use of anger, intimidation and calls for violence is inappropriate and will damage Waterfest’s reputation should he be allowed to perform. This has nothing to do with the First Amendment; it has everything to do with extremist, threatening views that cannot possibly help anyone and hurt the entire community.

I ask Oshkosh Chamber Members, our city/county and state leaders and all citizens to immediately contact Waterfest Inc. and the Chamber and request they cancel Ted Nugent’s performance. This will reflect on all of us in Oshkosh and the Fox valley in negative ways for many years to come if he is allowed to appear.

Kevin R Kratsch


  1. Is Ted Nugent sponsored by Depends? Because between the target audience and Ted's self professed proclivities, there is a missed opportunity for win win at the sponsorship thing.

  2. Ted's just mad that Jimi Hendrix is a guitar god and he's just a guy that shit his pants to stay out of 'nam (Jimi served).

    He's living proof -- an adult shitting his pants is newsworthy -- at least on fox.

  3. oshkosh is the toilet of the fox river valley -- this is as good a gig at nugent can get?

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    The waterfront series?!?!?!

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  4. Ted Nugent was never a superstar. He was a regional act, popular mainly in Michigan and even there got second billing after the MC5 and Iggy & The Stooges.

  5. America's Right Wing has established a very high level of hypocrisy by adoring a draft dodger just because he hates Obama and is expresses his hatred with words full of violence.

  6. If you agree that Wisconsin doesn't need Nugent running his gums in Oshkosh, please sign and share my petition:

  7. Thanks for the post. I wasn't aware Ted was going to be in Oshkosh. Now I will have to remember to get my tickets, because TED FUCKING ROCKS!

  8. oooh all you pantywaist homosexuals have your loins all a flutter cuz UNCLE TEDDY IS GONNA ROCK ! yer gay leftist hypersenthative different color trendy sox off!! Don't forget your lattes and maybe Kev Kratsch can hook up with some old priestly budties to hold up signs and feel all righteous .......mmmmkay?