Sunday, June 1, 2014

Caption This - 21st Senate District

Team Steitz doing the grunt work for Friends of Scott Walker. 

VOTE for Randy Bryce in the 21st Senate District!

He said that while campaigning door to door, he’s been surprised by how many people are at home because they can’t find a job.
“Whoever wins the GOP primary isn’t going to be the one who gets those people back to work,” Bryce said.


  1. [Five telephone voices in unison] Hi, I'd like to order a large pizza... Yeah, Bigfoot's still here....

    1. Excuse me, but are taxpayers on the hook every time the Guv ' s big boy breaks another chair??

  2. "Putting a toilet in here was a great idea, productivity around here has gone up 100% since I've been able to take a dump right here in our phone bank.

    Of course, no one else ever gets to sit on it because I am always trying to unload everything I'm full of"

  3. Hilarious! Walker has every loser in the state standing with him! Walker hires losers, promotes losers and let's losers do his dirty work so Walker gets off scott free! Brilliant!