Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scott Walker Has No Shame

By Jeff Simpson

Today Scott Walker spoke at the WI Entrepreneurs Conference. 


    Spoke with folks at WI Entrepreneurs Conference in Madison.

 The problem is qualifications.  Wisconsin, under Scott Walker's policies, rates 45th(out of 50), in entrepreneurship.   

Gov. Scott Walker defended the number of new businesses being created in Wisconsin after a report from the Kauffman Foundation listed the state 45th in entrepreneurship in 2013.

Even the heavily right wing US Chamber ranked Wisconsin 44th(out of 50)!  

 Any guesses as to what kind of advice Scott Walker could give to people who actually put it all on the line to follow their passion and lifelong dream?   


  1. In defending the new business numbers, the Guv said, "without me WI would be ranked 63rd in the nation."

    Seriously people, this clown has got to go, along with the legislators that followed him in lockstep so far as "governor," of something, though certainly not of the state of WI. If you are not talking to your candidates, legislators, neighbors, friends, associates and demanding coverage from your local Gannett outlet, WI Public Radio, (no email available for Mike Crane) you don't care any more about WI's future any more than Walker does.

  2. Speaking of "no shame", why is paul ryan telling everyone that will listen that people frequently mistake him for anthony weiner's penis.

    Not that there is anything wrong with having your face look like someone else's dick -- our bodies are not shameful.

    But the fact that paul ryan thinks we all want to be told he has a prick face is disturbing.

  3. Walker is the polar opposite of an entrepreneur. He's sucked up to the taxpayer trough all his life.

  4. Now that Tonette has won this year's Margaret Thatcher Award, these people must be in awe of Scott's every word. Just look at his fantastic record of "business entity" creation, and you too, fellow entrepreneurs, can one day employ scores of people by conning them into believing that forming volunteer organizations will really help our economy.
    What we need are jobs that can provide for supporting living, breathing households.