Sunday, June 1, 2014

Walkergate: The Kochfather

Last week, we some some very peculiar twists and turns in the Walkergate saga.

Not the least of these was the syndicate styled threat made by the dark money masters, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  The Kochfathers, apparently feeling that a horse head in Scott Walker's bed was too subtle of a message for him, warned him that he better not be even entertaining the thought of turning rat on his allies in the corporate mafia's election racketeering scheme.

Walker responded at first with a terse press release saying that he and his campaign have nothing to do with the federal lawsuit and he is in no way messing with that.

It seems that maybe Walker did find a horse head in his bed after all, because on Friday, he was much more ingratiating and sycophantic:
Gov. Scott Walker said Friday that he won't back away from key allies amid a continuing secret John Doe investigation.

Walker also expressed surprise with a recent Wall Street Journal editorial that criticized alleged settlement talks between the Walker campaign and special prosecutor Francis Schmitz.

"I'm certainly not going to undermine people who share my same beliefs and I'm certainly not going to undermine anyone's First Amendment rights. I'm frankly kind of shocked for anyone to suggest that," Walker said after delivering a keynote address at Hope Christian High School senior signing day.


Walker also touted his record "as strong economic and fiscal conservative," policy positions that align with the Wisconsin Club for Growth.

"I've been tested on that," he said. "I've been pushed on that. I haven't backed away from from keeping that commitment to the people of this state. I think there is no evidence that would otherwise suggest in any way I would back away from not only that position but from supporting people who support the same position."
First, we have to look past the fact that Walker is making political statements while doing a gubernatorial function in a religious institution. It's not surprising that the corporate media missed that completely since they have their noses so far up Walker's butt they could tell you what he had for breakfast.

The Kochfathers responded, again through the Wall Street Journal.  They again admonished Walker for even thinking of betraying the Dark Money Family and for trying to weaselspeak his way out of it, but said that his later words pleased them:
"Sorry, that's disingenuous," the editorial said of Walker's initial response. "The 'federal lawsuit' is one brought by Mr. Walker's political allies in federal court against prosecutors who are conducting a state John Doe probe into allegedly illegal campaign coordination. Our editorial concerned Mr. Walker's willingness to settle with prosecutors over his role in the state John Doe probe. The worry is that he might settle to help his re-election campaign while throwing his allies over the side."

The same day, Walker told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "I'm certainly not going to undermine people who share my same beliefs, and I'm certainly not going to undermine anyone's First Amendment rights. I'm frankly kind of shocked for anyone to suggest that."

The Wall Street Journal's Friday editorial liked those Walker comments.

"If that means he won't cut a deal that undermines his allies, we're glad to hear it," the unsigned editorial says.

It added: "The stakes in the federal lawsuit against the John Doe probe are bigger than Mr. Walker's campaign. They concern the prosecutorial machine that exists in Wisconsin, and in too many other states, to punish and limit political speech that is protected by the First Amendment. Mr. Walker can help that cause by not undercutting the federal lawsuit with a deal in state court that might let prosecutors save face."
To put it another way, what they were saying to Walker was, "Youse got a nice campaign dere. It'd be a shame if something bad were to happen to it."

They are also telling Walker that they made him and if need be, they'll break him.

There are some things to take away from this "friendly discussion" between the Kochfathers and Walker.

One is that we really know who is in charge, and it's not Walker.  He is just an enforcer for the Dark Money Syndicate and he will remain in his seat of power only as long as he is useful to them.

Another thing is that this whole situation is much more like a mafia syndicate's racketeering scheme rather than the caucus scandals that we saw over a decade ago.  The prosecutors need to treat it such.  If they are unable to execute their duties because of all the legal wrangling, it is time for the feds to step in and deal with it, just as they did with John Gotti, the Teflon Don.

Thirdly, if they ever make a movie about this, I nominate Steve Buscemi to play Scott Walker.


  1. Your next-to-last paragraph hits it on the head. These Wall Street Journal editorials (on someone's orders) are clearly intended to tell Walker who his boss is.

    In addition, it's clear that these oligarchs want to use these cases as an excuse to blow up any remaining campaign finance and disclosure laws, all while dodging taxes through their money-laundering (like with the most recent Koch ads being done through a "non-profit charity.")

    And it's also clear that both Scotty and his owners are running scared, because they know that this thing is ready to blow wide open if blind justice is allowed to prevail. RICO, indeed

    1. Wasn't Scott Walker once spotted quietly ducking into the Federal Courthouse in downtown Milwaukee during the John Doe I?

    2. Why I do believe you are correct, sir. Sure makes you wonder what he was asked about, eh?

    3. And, as I understand it, after Walker & lawyers entered the room for discussions with the DA / prosecutors, there was a very LOUD discussion which ensued. Supposedly nothing came of that meeting...except (I would guess) confirmation for the DA / prosecutors that Walker (at the time) was NOT willing to make a deal. So, I suppose Walker would have known at that time that a deal was possible, no? And, now he's followed up on that saying, perhaps..."um, does your offer still stand?"

    4. I am anon 12:40 pm, and hadn't heard the part about "loud" discussions -- only that Walker had been spotted entering the building . . .

  2. What Jake said times 2.

    "....One is that we really know who is in charge, and it's not Walker. He is just an enforcer for the Dark Money Syndicate and he will remain in his seat of power only as long as he is useful to them...."


    IMHO, the oligarchs seem perfectly content to see Ms. Burke as Governor. That says to me that they think at a minimum she will not roll back any of the destruction Gov. Walker has already achieved against the unions. They also think that she will continue to appoint Judges and other people sympathetic to the needs of the top end of the 1%. That means folks who will continue the assault on potable water, Wisconsin's greatest natural resource.

    1. way to go -- your "heros" were too chicken to throw there hats in the ring and take a stand.

      So you would rather slam the only chance we have to get walker out of here.

      Yes, we need to take back the democratic party, but that won't happen if we roll-over and let the repugs control all branches of Wisconsin government.

      Folks like you would rather scream, "see I told you" after a disasterous fall off-year election than begin the process of change.

      Shame on you -- the candidates that are even WORSE than the one you and others here slam were the NO-SHOWS when it came time to put-up-or-shut-up.

      There is absolutely no reason to proclaim Burke will continue an assault on potable water -- but you'd rather lie about the dem candidate than actually get repugs out of office.

      Pretending to be a progressive is very easy when you choose to stand on the sideline and throw turds at democrats that put-their-money-where-there-mouths-are.

    2. Do not feed the concern troll, folks. Stay on topic, because it's a good topic.

  3. Perhaps you recall that there were reports in September (2014) that stated the coming months were going to be critical indicators as to whether-or-not Scott Walker was going to successfully get the Mitt Romney donors on-board with a Scott Walker candidacy.

    This would make-or-break walker's presidential ambitions.

    It can't be that the billionaires behind the most dishonest candidate to ever run for president ( took kindly to walker's revelations during the fake koch brothers phone conversation and then all the attention generated from criminal probes.

    Most likely, they have decided he is too stoooopid and divistive to lead their party.

    Hell, he'll get them all indicted!

    So now scott walker is throwing temper tantrums and he is dumb enough to believe that he can throw some of the most powerfully-connected political powers under the bus.

    Amazingly ignorant, even by scott walker "punked by fake koch bro" standards.

    Not hard to see why he didn't graduate from college -- just read his incoherent and misspelled tweets. This man can't handl 140 words!

    When off his talking points, walker cannot complete a coherent sentence.

    No wonder the money that created this monster is slapping him down. He is still a useful tool, but just on the minor league circuit.

    But that will all change when the Chicago appeals panel throws out Randa's rulings -- expect indictments to promptly follow.

    The attorneys knew indictments were coming, which is why they have filed the tidal wave of frivolous lawsuits.

    And now, via the WSJ, the dark money is telling walker to STFU.

    1. Don't forget -- walker himself claims to have initiated the secret investigations by turning in his boyfriend and backdoor buddy timmy russell.

      That has to really cork the billionaires behind walker -- he's a loose cannon and never learns.

      The criminal probes, the koch call, divisiveness, and now national media attention that both wing-nuts and progressives are talking about -- potentially throwing his billionaire backers under the bus.

      This guy is a sociopath that is only thinking about #1.

    2. Violation of every attorney's primary rule: Never ask a question you do not already know the answer to.

      Smart politicians avoid trouble by following this rule.

      Walker? Isn't very smart.

  4. I cannot wait!!! Scott Walker has gotten away with too much for too long. He is nothing but a low level thug taking orders. And it makes me laugh that all of those tea party Wisconsinites who love him have NO IDEA what will emerge when their boy wonder is exposed! Just shows you how stupid and gullible Scott Walker backers are. I pray everyday the national media catches on to the real Scott Walker, the criminal, and exposes him - which will be horrible PR for the GOP. Been waiting 4 years for someone to get this scumbag and it will have ALL been worth it if ALL comes out. That psychopathic kid of his too that wants to get into politics - let's hope it sends a clear message to Matt Walker to not TRY the illegal thug behavior his criminal father has used his entire political career!

    1. If and when these dark money 3rd party sources lose their case, and their tax-exempt status, then ALL their donor names are open for inspections...INCLUDING all the names of local Wisconsin Tea Party nuts (who will then also be subject to taxation of their political campaign donation that went unreported to the IRS)

  5. The mainstream media news models are Walker's newest early warning system for colon cancer.

  6. Capper, at some point, you're entitled to a lot of victory laps/ pick your favorite mode of celebration. For a long time you were one of the few trying to hold wing nuts accountable, trying to raise a warning about Walker's deep-pocketed supporters. As you know, it's way, way too early for a victory party, but it was your blood and guts work very early that made these recent revelations possible. You've been a Paul Revere/Ben Franklin.

  7. This public WSJ witness intimidation is pretty amazing. With the Watergate scandal being an exception, I can't remember the last time a supposedly respectable media outlet urged an office holder to not cooperate with law enforcement lest other criminal suspects be inconvenienced.

    1. Gareth, great point. Haven't seen that anywhere, and it's very newsworthy.

  8. Scott Walker's Tea Party backing directs him on what to do and say. He would not be where he is without their backing. The WSJ is warning him not to step out of line, and Friends of Scott Walker had better not start acting for their own best interests.
    This really is like examining the actions of an organized crime syndicate. Have they cooperated with investigators and also established Wisconsin campaigning laws? If not, all officials and parties involved in breaking laws should be prosecuted.
    Those involved in financing these illegal activities should also be considered party to the crimes.

  9. Trying to make sense of all this is difficult.

    Why would Walker be negotiating with the Feds if it is possible Judge Randa can kill John Doe II? Walker would have nothing to worry about because the special prosecutors’ investigations would be done and over with.

    What seems to make sense from what we know is another investigation has been ongoing and that investigation has the goods on Walker. Were the Feds called in to investigate evidence of corruption that was revealed before the Recall election?

    1. For one, Cindy Archer's house in Madison was raided by the FBI.
      SKW has attempted to buy her silence by giving her another cushy, high-paying job in his administration.
      Have not heard much about her since.

  10. I believe that I can understand why you would pick Steve Buscemi to play Walker in the movie. I admire the work that Steve Buscemi did in playing Nucky Thompson on Boardwalk Empire. He played a corrupt politician, a similar role.

    I think that Jason Schwartzman may also be a good casting choice for a movie.

    Schwartzman has also played a similar character in the movie Rushmore. His character was a high school student that was more interested in extracurricular activities that increased his popularity than he was in academic studies. The character was eventually expelled from school.

    Schwartzman also looks more like Walker in appearance but he would need to have a less intelligent expression on his face to capture the true Skippy.

    1. Sorry, I forgot to add that Nucky Thompson actually found jobs for people. Walker only does that for his cronies and their relatives.

  11. There isn't an actor who could portray Walker. The actor would have to:
    1. Be uglier than Nick Thompson
    2. Perfect the weird low lip speech
    impediment Walker has
    3. Exude complete asexuality
    4. Pretend to be attracted to an obese woman who dresses like his Mother & is 12 years older than him - Kathy Bates??
    5. Have a circular bald spot
    6. Have a chappy cost cutters feathered hair cut
    7. Have lazy stoner eyes
    8. Have yellowing teeth
    9. Be short
    10. Wear his Decker chinos 1/2" too short with the back shoved up his crack
    11. Wear dorky flag ties
    12. Have a funked up pig nose
    13. Has cow crap breath