Sunday, June 29, 2014

Remember, Abele Based His Mental Health System On Dane County's

Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele thought it would be a grand idea to throw the county's most vulnerable citizens  to the corporate wolves, who will profiteer off of them and abandon them again.  During his push to abdicate his responsibilities to these citizens, Abele would repeatedly refer to Dane County's system, where they closed their mental health facility decades ago.

What Abele didn't mention is that they could get away with that because they had the state's mental health facility, Mendota Mental Health Institute, to fall back on.  Sadly, the key word is "had" (emphasis mine):
The state stopped letting police take people in non-criminal emergency mental health detention to nearby Mendota on April 1, infuriating area police officials who complain that officers now have to waste their time ferrying them to Winnebago Mental Health Institute on the east side of the state. The state said it wants more beds at Mendota to house criminal patients.

“You have someone who’s in an episodic crisis being put in handcuffs, thrown in the back of a squad car, two officers if you want to do it safely,” said Madison Police Chief Mike Koval. “That’s two and a half hours up, two and a half hours back, so now my community has two fewer officers fielding calls, preserving quality of life issues for a total of five hours, and the state says, ‘Too bad.’”


Koval said he’s been working with other area police officials and providers such as the local chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Journey Mental Health to deal with the issue.

“I have galvanized the Dane County chiefs of police,” he said. “They’re in support. We just feel collectively as a group, when you consider that Milwaukee and Madison lead this state in the amount of referrals for emergency detentions, it makes no sense to take one of the primary users of that, one of the primary stakeholders, and unilaterally say, 'You’re going to take them to Winnebago.'”
Of course, Abele and Scott Walker would have no problem violating the civil rights of these people by just having them incarcerated instead. After all, they aren't rich corporate special interests or plutocrats, so they don't really matter in the minds of these types of "leaders."

And lest we forget, no one cares about crazy people, right?

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  1. You forgot to mention, marijuana is decriminalized in Madison, so not only was there a fall-back facility, but folks here know that if they don't want to put up with the crappy system they can just self-medicate with dope!