Saturday, June 28, 2014

Some Things Are Meant To Be

By Jeff Simpson

Perpetual Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum(dont Google him):

Rick Santorum announced his endorsement of state Sen. Glenn Grothman for U.S. Congress Thursday afternoon in a short statement. 

“Glenn Grothman’s bold leadership in Wisconsin is exactly what we need in Congress,” said former U.S. Senator and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Santorum. “Our country is at a turning point, and we need a principled conservative like Glenn Grothman to return our country back on the path to prosperity. Glenn has the courage and the conviction to stand up for conservative values.”
The love and affection was returned:

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, Grothman and Santorum praised each other for their devotion to conservative principles. Grothman talked about how Santorum won him over when they first met during Santorum’s unsuccessful bid to become the 2012 presidential nominee.

“When I met him, I felt we were almost soulmates,” Grothman said. “It’s kind of an odd thing.”



  1. Would you want grothman representing you for anything ??

    Really ???

  2. "It's kind of an odd thing." That is how I would describe Glenn Grothman

  3. Now that Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum and Neanderthal Senator Dandruff Glenn Grothman have fallen in love, perhaps they will, in a blissful and frothy display of santorum, become big proponents of gay marriage!

  4. I am not sure why Glenn Grothman wants to climb into Link textTHESE PANTS!

  5. This is what Grothman has to do try to get his campaign going? But, Santorum had nothing better on his plate to draw attention to himself.
    Glenn should climb on board the Trent Lott "family values" love train (and taking on Trent's haircut) to lead us to conservative nirvana.

    1. You must jest -- Sen. Dandruff can't get a haircut -- grothman wears a very strange looking and ill-fitting toupe.

      You can especially tell when you pour beer over his head -- it beads up unnaturally and then all runs off.

  6. I wonder what Santorum is REALLY thinking in that photo - maybe "How much longer do I have to endure this idiot?"