Friday, June 6, 2014

Scott Walker - Funny Guy

By Jeff Simpson

The Governor truly acts as the CEO of the State.   Which in turn, technically makes him the "boss" of all the workers in the state. 

How would you feel about your "boss", firing up his direct staff, by ridiculing your job performance?

H/t Jud Lounsbury:

Nice way to show respect for the people who make our state run, especially when you are the elected Governor who promised to be the Governor for all people, not just those who voted for him.

Which is why this picture sums up the four years of Scott Walker's regime as well as any picture can!


People will complain that Scott Walker failed on his jobs promise(which he did miserably) BUT he kept the one promise he felt the most passion about!


  1. Keep slamming and cutting down the dem party and Mary Burke -- that will get walker out of office, won't it.

    And keep up the good work promoting turncoat brett hulsey who exploited the homeless and hired felons to collect his sigs -- gee -- who would have think there would be legitimate problems with those sigs.

    1. What are you babbling about? No mention here whatsoever of Burke or the dems. I havent mentioned Burke on this blog in quite a while.

      hired felons to collect his sigs --- better than hiring felons as politcal advisors.

      turncoat brett hulsey - what did he do to be a turncoat? say unions needed to pay their fair share? or did he vote for the bill telling people on SNAP what food they can and cannot eat ?

      sign your name when you come in here ranting aimlessly

    2. Nothing aimless about above post -- if you don't want us posting anon, then change your blog settings!

      You and blogwhore jake think your kewl cuz you use a name and he uses an anonymous handle!

      There have certainly been negative posts about Mary Burke here within the past few weeks -- capper is the usual flame thrower.

      Brett was on willy street this week doctoring the address on his nomination form -- he couldn't legitimately get people to support him. He is not respected by progressives here.

      He doesn't deserve a spot at the convention -- he hasn't even qualified for the ballot.

      And you would rather rag about this and tate and then have the audacity to post this about walker as if you are doing something to defeat him.

      Your guys/gals were too chicken to enter the race, Burke is the only candidate we get and she is running in a statistical tie even though about $1 million was spent to slam her by the right.

      Whether you like it or not -- the repugs are playing hardball and will make 2011's divide and conquer look like childs play if they maintain full control of Wisconsin after November.

      Posting snark about walker is easy, but when you do it while creating division on the other side, it has no integrity.