Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Sign of the Coming Apocalypse?

Or Just a completely ridiculous idea?  

Talk about really bad fits, today Scott Walker will address attendees of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government Program on Education Policy and Governance in Cambridge, MA.  

The conference is entitled Learning from Improving School Systems at Home and Abroad: International and U.S. State Trends in Student Performance.
WOW!  I thought the people of Harvard went to school to actually learn something. I hope they are not charging to get in to this conference.   Was William Bennett busy?  Have the conference organizers NOT been paying attention to what has happened in Wisconsin the last year? 

There has not been a single thing that Governor Walker has done for public education that has "reformed it"! 

I hope the education students of Harvard either protest it OR attend and ask Scott Walker some questions after!  


  1. What is this? Bizarro world?

  2. The organizer of the conference, Paul Peterson, is a big voucher advocate. Hence Walker.

  3. You must have misread. Pretty sure he is talking about deforming education.

  4. Jeesh, everybody know that spending on education must increase annually by orders of magnitude or it will implode.

  5. When is the last time that spending on Education increased???

  6. Next week Jerry Sandusky will be speaking at Harvard on Child Care reform.