Thursday, July 26, 2012

AFP- WI Is At It Again!

We brought you the story of how, after finding out that WI led the nation in job losses in June and that we are 2nd in the Nation in Construction job losses(thanks Alaska), Americans for Prosperity Poverty (AFP-WI) the Koch funded shadow group, decided that this news  was so exciting for the State of Wisconsin that they decided to party!

They are back at it.  Now AFP-WI is holding a birthday party for deceased and discredited economist Milton Friedman! 

Milton Freidman 100th Birthday Celebration

July 31st
6:30pm to 8pm
Country Springs Hotel
2810 Golf Rd Pewaukee, WI

With Rep Robin Vos, AFP State Director Luke Hilgemann, President of School Choice WI Jim Bender, and Brian Pleva of American Federation for Children
It is good that they are going to celebrate a discredited economist, by having no economists in the room!   As for the collection of wingnuts speaking who want to privatize our schools so they can profit off of them,  it did not seem to work in Philadelphia


  1. Just realized that my professional organization has the same acronym as Americans for Prosperity. Sigh. Note to self: don't use "AFP" in public.

  2. "Perhaps the most serious threat of 'galloping conservatism' is that in a time of crisis it could easily be transformed into full-blown fascism. When people are afraid, they are susceptible to trading away their civil liberties to protect their 'things.'" (Milton Friedman, Free to Choose, p. xvi)
    Also, that given the choice between preserving American constitutional freedoms and the economic freedom to make a dollar without interference, he would choose economic freedom hands down!
    Friedman won his Nobel economics prize at the very same time he was helping Pinochet in Chile (untold thousands 'disappeared') implement similar proposals that our Tea Party is making today.

  3. AFP may want to put November 25 on it's calendar as that is the birthday of deceased Chilean dictator August Pinochet, leader of the first government to institute Milton Friedman's economic policies, albeit in a frenzy of murder and torture.

  4. This hurts after the huge job losses from the eight years of Jim Doyle.

    1. Sorry, but Walker is losing jobs twice as fast as Doyle did. And Doyle was contending the the Bush/Cheney driven recession while Walker is managing to fail while the rest of the country recovers.

  5. Robin Vos needs to be held accountable for the affiliations he keeps as a public servant. He is a bought out sold out arrogant elitist who could care less about the people he is representing. It is TIME to hold them all accountable. It is our rights, our tax funds, and our future on the line. Enough is Enough. Anyone who cheats on his wife, who is battling cancer, is a disgusting pig.