Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jason Fields: The Republicans' Democrat

During the two rounds of recalls, the Republicans made a mockery of democracy and showed their disdain for the people by running fake democrats, and even running them as retreads. Fortunately, in those races, the fake Democrats were easy to spot and the Republicans' nefarious plot was easily thwarted.

But sometimes, the Republicans get good at their underhanded dealings and they get some fake Democrats who are established.

One might be able to describe Representative Jason Fields that way.

Fields created a stir when he passionately advocated for school choice from the Assembly floor, despite the fact that it would hurt the children of Milwaukee. It also got him a lot of love...from Republicans.

Charlie Sykes and other squawkers couldn't stop gushing over Fields and his ill-advised advocacy.

Likewise, Fields got some interesting supporters.

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce joined with Field's group, Democrats For Education Reform, to push for school choice and Mayor Tom Barrett's failed attempt to usurp control of the Milwaukee Public School system. Fields also became a beneficiary of the disgraced and corrupt Scott Jensen, who was embroiled in the caucus scandals and is now a force of a major pro-school profiteering group.

But Fields' questionable relationships don't stop there.

In the mailbox this evening, I received this email:

Please see the attached invite and consider joining me and my “biz” partner the La Macchia Group, on Thursday, July 26th 2012 for a reception in honor of State Representative, Jason Fields.

As a current member of the Governor’s Read to Lead Task Force and the Council on Financial Literacy, and former Chair of the Financial Services Committee Jason leaves “no” question he remains committed to improving the quality of education and promoting financial literacy to the demographics of our community that need them most!

Equally, I also remain intensely involved in promoting education and financial literacy on a local and national scale – assisting youth with scholarships to support their efforts to continue their pursuit of a post-secondary education from any university, college, vocational or technology institute of choice.

Thank you in advance for consideration and please share this invite with others as well…
Here is a screencap of the attached invite:

So who are Ralph and Mary Lou La Macchia?

Well, they're big time Republican funders, that's who.

Ralph La Macchia has donated money to the likes of Terry Moulton, Rich Zipperer, Mary Panzer and Ted Kanavas.

Mary Lou La Macchia is much more liberal with her donations to conservatives. She's donated a lot of money, nearly two grand, to the likes of Terry Moulton, Alberta Darling, Rich Zipperer, Jeff Fitzgerald and Scott Walker. On top of these acts of benevolence to the malefactors, she has also given more than a $1000 to the Republic National Committee

While the donations are presumably perfectly legal, it should give one pause to wonder what Fields' true agenda is and who is he representing - his constituents or the people that want to profiteer off of them?

Fortunately for the voters in 11th Assembly District have a real progressive Democrat running for office. That person is Mandela Barnes.
Mandela Barnes

Barnes has a long history of working to improve his community, serving as a youth and workforce development specialist. Per his website, Barnes wants to revitalize the local economy and create jobs via local investment, modernize the transportation services and restore our education system.

You can also learn more about Barnes on his Facebook page. You can also help support Barnes as he goes up against the Republican machine's money by donating to his Act Blue page.

With strong progressive leaders like Barnes, we can start to restore the damage done to Milwaukee and to Wisconsin by Fields and his Republican friends.

I hope you will join me in full support of Barnes for the 11th Assembly District.

ADDENDUM: Cory Liebmann shows us that not only is Fields supported by the education profiteers, he's part of them.


  1. In short, the Bradley Foundation is using Jason Fields as the new Polly Williams. School choice targets public education, what Milton Friedman used to call the "government schools," by attacking the teachers unions. Years ago, they would trot out Polly Williams, proud that she was a lone Democrat going for their big idea. A lot of money can be made, as some years Polly made more money on the national right-wing talking circuit than any other state legislator. Williams now denounces school choice, so they have Jason Fields to take her place.

  2. A Republican's Democrat.... just like David Clark.

    1. I'd have to disagree. David Clark isn't a Democrat controlled by Republicans. Clark is a Republican pretending to be a Democrat, like the fake candidates in the recalls.

  3. Jason Fields belongs to the Wisconsin chapter of Democrats For Education Reform, a D.C.-based group headed by ex-Journal Sentinel ed. journalist Joe Williams. DFER has a history of working through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), who puts together legislation to vote on. DFER-WI was responsible for the 2009 mayoral attempted takeover of MPS, as well as claims credit for lifting the enrollment cap for Milwaukee's Parental Choice program.
    Right now DFER's efforts focus locally on getting a true Education Reform Caucus elected: they are pushing Jason Fields (11th Assembly District); his brother Jarrett (16th AD); Elizabeth Coggs (6th SD - has played both sides of the issue); Millie Colby (10th AD), and Josh Zepnick (9th AD).

  4. The Journal-Sentinel article isolates American Federation for Children as some "D.C.-based" group that, yes, you've probably never heard of, and yet does nothing to acquaint the reader with knowing who they are. This is Dan Bice's great talent... workin' for Journal Communications, our apparently official avenue to enlightenment.
    The AFC was founded in Milwaukee in 1998 as the American Education Reform Foundation, using Bradley Foundation money. It's now headed by the wife of money cult enthusiasts Amway leader, Betsy DeVos. Lots of money to be spread around, all in the cause of vouchers and school choice.
    AFC provided $47,025 Jeff Plale in recent years for various tasks. Scott Jenson was given a lot of money; he helped AFC by providing model legislation from the American Legislative Exhange Council.
    Jason Fields is new to the game, but Dan Bice isn't and cannot be excused for his superficiality.

  5. I only just stumbled across this piece while searching for information on the DBA and its role in the environmental debacle in Kewaunee County and the mega-farms there. Imagine my surprise when I found Fields on the same endorsement list as my 25th Assembly primary opponent "big" Jim Brey!