Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Few Observations

1.   If Scott Walker is so wildly popular, why is former Assembly leader Jeff Fitgerald(Fitz the lesser) and one of the people most responsible for passing Scott Walker's agenda polling a whopping 6%?   Yet Washington DC resident, Eric Hovde, who had absolutely nothing to do with Scott Walker is leading in the polling?   Even the astroturf koch brother's operation, Freedomworks, run by the vile dick armey has endorsed Washington DC resident Eric Hovde!   Even paid hack and perpetual fabricator Wiggy, took a very informal poll and Fitzgerald finished a far distant fourth. 

 I guess the scott walker coattails are not very long!   Fitzgerald appears to be running on his record, it just appears as though he is running in sand(or his record is that bad).

2.  Hmmmmmmmm

3.  Eric Hovde is worse than Tommy Thompson???  

4.  Mark Neumann takes time away from hating gays to attack Eric Hovde:

5. Finally, George W. Bush was awesome!!  Just ask him.   Ummmm George:

Bush left office in 2009 with a 22 percent approval rate, making him one of history’s least-liked presidents, according to CBS News. In all, 73 percent said they did not approve of the way he ran the country for eight years.


  1. I think I may have found the link between Romney and Walker. If you look at Romney's great great grandfathers' wives, the one in the upper right corner look's like walker with long hair.

  2. Do you get the feeling that the two scientists in Neumann's new "Cocaine" ad are being portrayed as gay? Is he trying to link Obama, Cocaine, Waste, and Homosexuality all together in one?

  3. Andrew, I picked up on that too, but thought I was reading too much into it. Maybe not if others are seeing it.

  4. Yes i agree with you. A nice subtle hint against the homosexual agenda and how the yare out to destroy America unless we elect people like Neumann to protect us.

    And yes WICS the resemeblance is eerie!