Monday, July 23, 2012

Different Rules

While I was up north this past weekend, I had the opportunity to do something that I almost never do - watch television. As if to remind me why I don't watch much TV - much less miss it - every channel was being besieged by an annoying commercial by Eric Hovde.

In said commercial, Hovde whined about the other candidates going negative, and then in the same spot, smearing both Tommy Thompson and Mark Neumann. Fortunately, I don't have to go into any pains in describing Hovde's hypocrisy. The DPW made a video, with truly awful background "music," to show his hypocrisy perfectly:

They also provide supporting evidence of Hovde's double standards between himself and the rest of the world (which he probably refers to as "the little people.")

I personally am getting really annoyed with Hovde's hypocrisy and arrogance, not to mention his pitiful whining when he has to act like a responsible adult. Sad to say, this is just the sort of thing some people are looking for.

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  1. Oh yeah? You're going to sling a mud ball at me? He's one back at 'ya.