Monday, July 23, 2012

Sensenbrenner Said What?!

Michele Bachmann (R-Batshit Crazy) has been spouting off her latest rant of right wing nuttery by making the accusation that the Muslim Brotherhood has "penetrated" the federal government.

At a recent townhall meeting, one of the wingnuts in Wisconsin's Fifth Congressional District asked Rep. James Sensenbrenner about supporting Bachmann's version of McCarthyism. His response is jaw-dropping:

Part of the transcription between Sensenbrenner and the wingnut, as well as the background story, can be found at Think Progress, which is also the source of the video.

I do believe this might be the first time Sensenbrenner actually made sense and took the correct stand on any issue. Which is probably why I have not seen this in any of the right wing blogs. Making sense and doing the correct thing is just an embarrassment to them.


  1. It's about time someone answered to back to those nut jobs! (Lady in crowd, tenacious but clearly reading from a script...)

    "(R-Batshit Crazy)" - right on, bro!

    Suzy Metta4

  2. I find it interesting how Establishment Pols (both D's & R's) have come out swinging at Bachmann over this. This is nothing new. The Classified Woman exposed foreign penetration of our government years ago. Whether it's Turkey or Israel, the fact is we have foreign agents working in government agencies, that have been deliberately protected from exposure. Also, the case of Jeanne Schmidt in OH, either being complicit or blackmailed by foreign agents.

    Now, it may not be this woman or the Muslim Brotherhood, but obviously, Establishment Pols don't want her talking about the possibility.