Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is the Flynn - McBride Affair Still Going On Or Just Again?

Looks like former radio squawker Jessica McBride couldn't keep her hands off Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn's nightstick after all.

Like the crazy politics in Fitzwalkerstan wasn't enough to keep me busy.


  1. bottom feeder

    for crist's sakes have some standards. anyone who cares about this is a loser. yer just soooo busy with this are ya?
    you might wanna examine where you are in your life right now.

    1. Oh, the police chief having an affair in violation of his oath is no big deal to ya? It shows just how low the conservatives have dropped. I remember when they were the party of family values. Now they are party of no value.

    2. Which is why i continue to say we need to STOP calling them "conservatives". There is NOTHING conservative about them!

  2. @anonymous: You might want to follow your own advice, life-wise.

  3. @5:23, you should follow your own advice.

    Police officers are routinely asked to testify in court. If anyone else on the Force had been caught lying to their wife/family, they would have been dismissed. Any defense attorney could have torn apart their testimony based on them lying to their family.

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  4. And will the police chief be added to the TRO in force on his mistress, too? Will he also have to go two counties away, on a workday in Milwaukee, to appear in court for the next TRO hearing? What does it take, Anon 5:23, for you to admit that this is not best practice for a police officer, much less for a police chief?

  5. I think everyone missed the best part of the story. paul Bucher found the note and gave it to everyone who would take it like a vindictive 15 year old girl. Very mature way to handle it from this hardcore 'conservative" .

    Who the hell would hire someone as immature and vindictive as Bucher to ever ever defend them??? What a wuss!

  6. Ok my mistake so that makes him even worse.....like a 14 year old scorned schoolgirl