Friday, July 20, 2012

"We've Given All You People Need To Know" Ann Romney

Sometimes there is no reason to add anything: Do we really want another loathsome first lady?


  1. So...she's admitting that what they would disclose would be fuel for attack. What are they hiding?

  2. I am occasionally a conspiracy theorist but not here. i think the only thing they are hiding is that they have more money than anyone imagines and with all of their millions, their percentage of taxes is even lower than anyone expects.

  3. "Gives 10% to the church" because "Particular to Mormon teaching, Latter-day Saints must pay the tithe to remain a church member in good standing and participate in temple rituals."
    More about mormon beliefs in this HuffPost article:
    So given these church beliefs, how did he develop the Tea party idealism?
    More interesting Mormon/MittRMoney analysis:

  4. You people was addressed at the interviewer who is African American. It's proof that the Rmoney's are racist teabagger mormon polygamists. Thank got Obama's records are all sealed!

  5. Romney's probably in the high 6-figure income bracket, and probably has about 10 inches of paper work that reduces liability to nothing.

    And on top of that, the Government probably still gave him a refund.