Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paul Ryan Can Kiss My Ass!

With the Supreme Court affirming the Constitutionality of Obamacare recently, it has now been passed by a democratically elected congress, signed by a president who was overwhelmingly elected by the American people AND reaffirmed by the Supreme Court with Justices appointed by presidents of both parties.   the republicans reaction:

The country has an unemployment rate of 8.2%(which the republicans continually complain about) and yet they run to the floor 33 times to try and repeal a healthcare bill that, while not perfect, makes sure millions of people have access to healthcare that did not before.  No interest from the republicans in any job bills, whatsoever.   (Quick aside, when the republicans say repeal and replace, they mean just repeal, that have no replacement plan whatsoever). 

Now the republicans strategy is to ru around the country and attack Obama(they have elections to win, not a country to help).  Paul Ryan is one of the foremost ones on the front lines

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan tells The Weekly Standard that Republicans will be able to "effectively repeal" Obamacare with a simple-majority vote in the Senate if they control Congress and the White House in 2013. By using the budget reconciliation process, repeal of Obamacare would not have to get the standard 60 votes needed to break a filibuster in the Senate.

"I feel very confident we can effectively repeal the law through reconciliation. Whether we can get every line and subsection of the bill will be a question up to the Senate parliamentarian at the end of the day," Ryan says. "But the guts of this bill are all fiscal matters, which are clearly included in reconciliation."

"There's one more chance, just one more chance, to get at this law," says Ryan. "And it's this election." If Republicans hold the House of Representatives and take the Senate and White House in November, Ryan says Republicans clearly will be able to repeal "all of the spending, the subsidies, the taxes, the mandates" in Obamacare. "That effectively repeals the law."

While this is nothing new, Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.), This particular story caught my eye today!  

Two teenagers have been attacked by alligators in a five-day span while swimming in Florida, one of them losing the bottom half of his right arm in the nearly fatal encounter.

Kaleb Towles, 15, was spear-fishing with his grandfather last Thursday at Keaton Beach near Tallahassee. The teen was reportedly swimming in water 3 feet deep when a 10-foot-long gator came out of nowhere.

"The alligator came from my left and bit me across my chest," Kaleb said.

The alligator released his grip. Towles has recovered from the attack, as will Kaleb Langdale, who lost his lower right arm in an alligator attack Monday but not his spirit.

A 911 call made seconds after a different 10-foot alligator attacked teenager Langdale reveals the quick thinking made by the teenager and his friends, whose split-second decision-making helped save his life.

Langdale and two of his friends were swimming in the Caloosahatchee River in Moore Haven, Fla. Monday when temperatures were hitting triple digits. Langdale was swimming ahead of his friends, about 30 yards from the bank, when one of them yelled, "There's a gator."

At that point, Langdale turned around to find an alligator only a few feet away from him.
"When the gator's about right here from me, I grabbed that skin up underneath him trying to control him, and he just kept going," Langdale told ABC News. "I pulled his head up and I wrapped my legs around him and then he just went and dove while I was just trying to hold onto him. But he did a death roll and knocked me off."

The gator then dragged the teen under the water, but Langdale managed to break free and start swimming away. It wasn't long before the gator caught up to him, again.

The gator pulled him down another time, and Langdale was ultimately able to pull himself free, although he lost the bottom half of his right arm in his struggle for his life.

"He came up out of the water like Superman or something, waving to us saying, 'Hey, my arm's gone, call an ambulance," Langdale's friend Matt Baker said.

On the 911 call, Langdale's friend is heard explaining the emergency.
"Fred. Are you all right, Fred? I'm calling," his friend can be heard shouting. "A gator just got my friend in the water. ... Ma'am, we need an ambulance on the other side of the river."

After Langdale was able to get out of the water, he tried to use anything to stop the bleeding -- including spider webs found along the river bank -- while he made his way back to his car.
The teen's mother, Felinda Langdale, rushed to the scene, where she was soon told by the police that Langdale was "fine, really fine."

While Langdale was being treated at the hospital, authorities caught and killed the alligator to retrieve the teen's arm. By the time the arm arrived at the hospital, however, too much time had passed to reattach it. Surgery to close his wounds was successful.

Langdale was fitted for a prosthetic arm Wednesday, and this morning, his family is raising money for his medical expenses, launching a fundraising site.

"I'm just happy that I'm still alive and my buddies are still alive," he said.

The family of Kaleb Langdale has started an account to accept donations on his behalf. Click here to donate.
 So what caught my eye?   This line is in every single story of something like this happening everywhere in the country:

and this morning, his family is raising money for his medical expenses, launching a fundraising site.

When will America get sick of a coffee can health care system and actually fix the problem.  When will America tell the republican party to kiss their ass and vote out the people like paul ryan who have no problem telling Kaleb Langdale, tough shit?    

We need to do better and a repeal and no replace strategy is NOT it!    


  1. Correct, correct, correct. Defenders of corporate healthcare, such as at least one local conservative blogger I know, are afraid their gravytrain funding from big money will dwindle causing their sorry writing careers to flitter away. This fellow has been a friend of mine, but callous disregard is grounds for divorce.

  2. Does your wife know you have these sexual fantasy's that you want men to kiss your ass?

    1. If you were trying to be funny, witty, clever or bring something to the debate you massively failed on all aspects.