Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fraud Chickens

For over a month, we've had to put up with former Koch employee Senator Van Wanggaard and the Koch Media Network (MacIver, Wisconsin Reporter, Media Trackkkers, etc.) squawking like wet hens about the supposed irregularities in the recall election. They never could offer any substantiated proof, just empty innuendo and false claims of things that weren't there, but that didn't keep them from squawking.

The squawking fraud chickens reached a crescendo when the dirty birds - Robin Vos, Scott Suder and Jeff Fitzgerald among them - ruffled their feathers and squawked at the GAB, demanding that they fix a problem that didn't exist.

The GAB had enough of the noisome birds and ruffled their feathers but good:
"Speaking frankly on behalf of our agency and local election officials, absent direct evidence, I believe continued unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud tend to unnecessarily undermine the confidence that voters have in election officials and the results of the election," Kennedy said in a letter addressed to Speaker of the Assembly Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon).

Kennedy said there wasn't evidence to back allegations of "tampering" with ballot bags.

Additionally, he said the accountability board would work with clerks to reinforce training regarding poll book signing, voter registration and timely processing of voter verification postcards.

Kennedy said the accountability board's new Fall Election Cycle Strategic Planning Team is identifying statewide and specific training needs, including a "Back to Basics" campaign to "shore up fundamentals that may have been neglected in the push to training the new legislative requirements" enacted in last year's voter ID law.
And before the fraud chickens could take a breath to squawk their next squawk, they got it from the Racine County District Attorney too:
"Investigations were launched into each complaint received regarding potential fraud at polling places in the city of Racine," the district attorney's statement said. "A thorough inquiry was made into the somewhat limited information that was provided. Some of the information that was provided was anecdotal, as opposed to first-hand eyewitness accounts.

"Based on the information that was received, it was determined that said information did not rise to the level required for a criminal prosecution."
The not-so-funny thing about the squawk chickens antics are that when it comes to a Republican county clerk in Walkersha County openly admitting to changing the programming of the electric voting machines, but not how she changed it, or serious questions about the electric voting machines in the Northwoods counties, the chickens fall suddenly silent.

The sad part is that these dirty birds are so fowl, they wouldn't even make a good soup, although a lot of them keep ending up in hot water.  And I'll admit, that is kind of fun to watch.


  1. This is a classic case of transference, the psychological property of believing others will behave the same way we do. Republicans are doing everything they can to steal elections, so they assume their opponents steal elections as well.

  2. But all those people forgot to sign JBVH yearbook?!?

  3. Have they written any stories, tweeted at all, about Nickolaus?

    1. I think I heard Chuckles Sykes mention her briefly on Friday, but that's all I've seen.