Monday, July 30, 2012

Yuri in the 44th!

Due to time constraints and the republicans continuing their craziness, I have been LAX in writing up endorsements.  Here is my first:  Yuri Rashkin in Assembly District 44.

The poor people of Janesville, it is like they are non existent in government (which is has much to do with why their GM plant closed).   They had been poorly represented by Paul Ryan (R - Wall St) for a while, but now he does not even pretend to care about the people in his district anymore

Then statewide they had Mike Sheridan for six years(two years as speaker)who seriously shirked his duties and followed that up amazingly, by a huge step down in Joe Knilans, who not only is supremely unqualified, but thinks so little of his district that he does not even live in it.  

The people of Janesville have a chance to right a long standing wrong and finally get representation in our representative government.   They can make a move to correct that by voting in Yuri Rashkin!

While I will get into much more detail in this race as it goes on, I would like to point out where Yuri won my respect and my endorsement.  Remember back in May, the cowards from CRG put out a despicable anonymous flyer attacking a group of amazing teachers from the Janesville School district! Yuri was quickly one of the most outspoken people denouncing this unwarranted, cowardly hateful attacks on the great teachers in the Janesville School District! 

Janesville has a way to go to recover from the devastation that has been reeped upon it by years of insane trade policies and really bad politicians.   Now is the time to start righting the ship.

Vote Yuri Rashkin on August 14th AND November 6th! 

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