Monday, July 16, 2012

Deja Vu All Over Again

Gee, a county executive that lies to the county board, likes to grandstand, and panders to wealthy land developers while county taxpayers and workers get the shaft.  Where have we seen this before?


  1. I say if the proceeds can be used to help the deficit for the transit system, since that is what they are displacing, I am all for it. It certainly will be more revenue positive than what it is replacing and we can build the transit system on the land nobody else wants. Plenty of empty lots, and abandoned homes on the near north side.

    1. Another big building in a congested area.

      You can't keep packing single-passenger cars into these areas without more parking.

      The busses are too dark to ride for us in the suburbs.

      What is the markup on a big building like this Mark?

      I mean, if let's say 20% is pure profit on jobs like this, who keeps that profit?

      When the building is done, what do the workers do then?

      Migrant construction workers often bring more trouble to where they are working. this is common among construction, as well as mining jobs.

      Mark, Mark, Mark.