Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fitzwalkerstan Jones and the Lost Ark

Last night, Scott Walker made the following tweet:

This fits in with the latest right wing meme that the only way to succeed is on your own and that the government can't solve or even help with people's problems.  With people like him in charge, he just might have a point.

However, true to the nature of the weasel that he is, that statement didn't last 12 hours before he blew himself out of the water.

Bright and early this morning, Walker was part of the joyful news that Kohl's was going to keep its headquarters in Menominee Falls, WI.  He sent out a press release on how his administration is giving Kohl's up to $62.5 million in tax breaks for staying in the state and adding jobs.  On top of that, the village of Menominee Falls will be giving the company $41 million in the form of a TIF.

Obviously, right-wingers must consider Kohl's to be a failure since they needed over $100 million in government assistance.

But Kohl's is not the only failure.

Walker is one as well, by his own standards:
Governor Walker requested a Federal Disaster Designation for 23 Wisconsin counties due to significant damages suffered from the ongoing drought conditions, according to a news release from the Walker administration.

Under the designation, Wisconsin farmers could apply for emergency loans through the Farm Service Agency.
Like I said, he just might have a point. For example, if we wait for Walker to create 250,000 jobs, it might never happen.


  1. So, Walker bribes Kohl's into staying on the states sinking ship, now asking for Federal drought relief. The Feds should say, "sorry Scottie, no Affordable Care Act, no drought relief."

  2. Walker's a complete d-bag. 'Nuff said.

    1. Whenever I see a closeup picture of Scott Walker's face I can't help but think... corporate WEASEL

  3. Scott and WEDC to the rescue! Scott holds the highest elected government office in the State. WEDC is public/private, but WHICH part is responsible for the success of keeping Kohls here? Kohls is receiving "government" subsidies (state and local tax money--money that could have gone to something else, like funding our public school system). The magic of WEDC is that it can tout success when something good works for them, but disavow any government association. You just have to keep the focus on the idea that government equals taxes; meanwhile, the tax burden paid in tax revenues to pay for government has shifted from corporations paying their fair share to the poor taxpayer (voter).

  4. What an absolutely inane tweet from the governor of a state. "Look, I suck so bad that I couldn't get anything accomplished. So I spend all of my time running around and collecting money from gullible millionaires."

    I don't suppose Scottie has heard of the United States Navy (they have really big boats there, don'tcha know), Air Force maybe??? We used to build lots of stuff, really big stuff that would dwarf the Ark. But it takes a little vision, and leadership, and an ability at getting some people on-board with your ideas. Walker has none of those things. What a disgrace.

  5. If I really think about that tweet, what I think he is saying is that govt. is ineffective at assisting business ventures. Why is Wisconsin spending so much $ helping business ventures then?

    1. Please, let me be clear...
      I wrote the 1:04 posting. Keeping Kohls as a business--employing all sorts of people who pay taxes, while the Kohls tax bill is minimized, at individual taxpayer expense--is a surefire solution to help Republicans. The GOP can just blame the government for taxes; the company can operate without paying their fair share of taxes, which used to be the way business was run in Wisconsin. I am against this whole idea of "public-private partnerships (PPPs)" acting as economic development agencies, because the idea that using taxpayer money to help what I think offers all sorts of corruption under the guise of being partly "private" is a bad idea. I think corporate welfare is a bad idea, only these agencies serve just this purpose. Why this should become an "economic development" model for the state is beyond me...
      These corporations are extorting taxpayer money by threatening to move their operations elsewhere, often forcing labor to take concessions as part of the deal.
      The fact that these PPPs have had a terrible economic, as well as legally speaking, track record in the past here and elsewhere should be reason enough for Democrats to be against them.
      The WEDC is a creation of Scott Walker and his cronies.

    2. Those tweets, those little thoughts coming out of his head are really his thoughts.

      We think in language, and his language is so small and narrow.

      But, I suppose, being raised in the church, a classic organization that in many cases used hell to keep their congregations conformed to the church standard, this is exactly how a guy like Walker would think.

      And not to knock religion by my stating this; keep it, preach it. Say your thoughts and share it all with others. It is what makes us all unique and possibly add different dimensions to our lives.

      But, like Scotty, don't get up and demand conformity to your standards.

      Don't create laws to strengthen the mighty, DO create laws to create level fields of play; the billionaire equals the impoverished person in the eyes of our lord; the impoverished perhaps even coming out ahead in some ways....

      Does our Government reflect that, Scotty?