Monday, July 16, 2012

Recall Robin

Robin Vos, is set on changing the recall rules. As we have come to expect from Robin Vos, he is very estranged from the truth.  Let's take a look at what he has to say and help him out.

Thankfully, it has become crystal clear that people across our state have had enough. It's time to recall the recalls.It's completely understandable that there's voter fatigue.
You can tell how "fatigued: the voters were by the impressive 58% turnout

When legislators crafted the recall provision for the state constitution in 1926, most state officials except state senators had two-year terms. The recall was intended to be used only in extreme cases and until now rarely was used. It was not meant to remove officials over one vote that a special interest group didn't like.
 Let's ask Marquette Law Professor Fallone:

 This statement is objectively false. The recall provisions contained in the Wisconsin State Constitution were never intended to be limited in such a fashion. The original design of the right of recall is, in fact, intended to permit voters to recall elected officials for virtually any reason so long as the procedural mechanisms of the State Constitution are followed.
 Ouch, Robin Vos is beyond stretching the truth at this point, but lets continue, because now he revises history:

If we don't recall the recalls, lawmakers will be in constant campaign mode, and taxpayer dollars will continue to go down the drain. We also don't want our elected leaders to shy away from the tough votes in fear of being recalled. Following the defeat of the mining legislation this past session, there was an effort to begin recalling state Sens. Dale Schultz and Bob Jauch. While we didn't agree with their vote against the jobs bill, it shouldn't be enough to warrant a recall.
Mr, Vos forgets that he was one of the people who advocated the most, to run fake democrats in the primaries, thus costing our great state hundreds of thousands of dollars:

 “We are encouraging Republicans to vote in the Democratic primaries,” state Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester),
Wait, there is more, (there is always more).   Vos points out that there was an effort to recall Sens, Schultz and Jauch for their vote against the bill that Gogebic Taconite Mining company wrote(which was never a jobs bill).

Yet this is the perfect example for why the recalls do not need to be messed with.  When Shrill LaBarre, tried to recall Senator Jauch, she massively failed.   Which shows that if you do your job and represent your constituents, you will not get recalled.   Also the people in Wisconsin understood that the Robin Vos mining bill was not a jobs bill but a giveaway to the Gogebic!  The people of Wisconsin also understand thatthe Schultz/Jauch bipartisan mining bill, was the actual jobs bill and it is too bad the fitzgerald family would not bring it to the floor for a vote.  Once again the republicans put the blind far right partisanship over the peoplel of WI.

I actually think we do not recall a politician for writing a ridiculous LTE(we would be too busy and there are even more ridiculous letters by politicians than this).  I also think that we should not recall a politician over one vote(for the record, none of these recalls were over one vote).

However, as Vos says "We need to limit recalls to a malfeasance in office"! let's take a look at that.


[mal-fee-zuhns] Show IPA
noun Law .
the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing (used especially of an act in violation of a public trust).
 We are limiting recalls to malfeasance in office, it doesn ot look good for Robin Vos's career.  Let's look at his record.

1.  Vos has perpetually lied about the recall results in Racine by crying fraud when there is none there! It has gotten so bad that the GAB has pointed out it is HARMFUL to the election process.    

2.  Vos recently blatantly broke the law by accepting tens of thousands of dollars of legal services for "free" and would not reveal who paid for them.   An ethics violation that was very much in CONTRARY TO LAW.

3.  Vos's only real contribution as a member of the legislature is to write bills that personally help him financially.   Which of course falls under the definition of "wrongdoing (used especially of an act in violation of a public trust)".

4.  Vos has spent his time as Wisconsin chair of ALEC, getting flown around the country(also at taxpayer expense) and was a key figure in the top secret, incredibly expensive, partisan, unethical redistricting process.   Which falls under ALL of the definition of Malfeasance.   
Is the thrice divorced, ethically void Robin Vos  really the person we want changing our state Constitution? I do however admire him attempting to change the rules, but still allowing for his own recall.   There is a reason that a politician as morally bankrupt and willing to lie as robin vos would want to remove the checks and balances on politicians.  If you are that bad at your job, of course you do not want checks and balances.  

The question is do we let him??

Let's put someone in office who is NOT a clown for the secret moneyed interest of ALEC , someone who cares about morals, and ethics and actually representing their district!   

That person is Kelley Albrecht, find her on facebook here and her website here

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  1. Doesn't restricting the voting rights of citizens through ID requirements also violate the public trust. Denying legal voting rights! Or how about the redistricting that would eliminate the representation of minorities in our communities?
    Sad to say but it appears Mr. Vos is less respectable than you present in your posting.