Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wiggy Throws a Tantrum

This week, there was supposed to be a presentation by WEAL's( Waukesha Environmental Action League) Charlene Lemoine and her colleague Karen Feidler(Waukesha County Solid Waste Manager) about PAYT (Pay as you throw). These two well respected women are models of integrity, and  pillars of the community( I know its Walkersha and the pillars are few and far between, right Kathy Nickolaus)

Karen and Charlene,  had planned on giving a community presentation regarding their program.  These two had been working collaboratively(a very good public-private partnership) and came up with a very sensical program called "Pay as you throw", which is a a graduated plan that encourages thrift among consumers by penalizing heavy users.  The more you use, the more you pay.  Hardly a groundbreaking idea and one that will truly save costs, and landfill space!   Here is actually a link to the power point these two great ladies wanted to share with the community! 

All seems well, and good right.  two ladies work hard on a project and come up with an idea to help keep costs down for the taxpayers and the landfill clean.  They want to share it with the community and whoever wants to can show up and watch it and ask questions.  If you like it compliment them, if you dislike it ask the questions you disagree with!  Have a discussion and see what people think and if its a good idea let all of the people decide it by a vote.  A perfect example of our democracy in action in small town America where a bunch of friends neighbors and adults work together to make their community better.

Life in a Northern Town

There is just one problem.  Walkersha is not a normal town.  As Kathy Nickolaus has taught us, democracy is NOT welcome in Waukesha.  Before there could be a community meeting where people could get and share information, James Wigderson rode to the rescue!  

Author's note: The original post contained this photo of Mr. Wigderson in this spot. Mr. Wigderson had a snit about it and has requested that we take it down. Showing more respect than he deserves, we have chosen to honor his request.

Jimmy Wigderson has a long history of trying to suppress people's votes, and now it appears, he wants to stop neighbors and friends from even having discussions.  Wiggy found out, because Fred Abadi, the Public Works director, acted incredibly unprofessional and forwarded a copy of the presentation to Wiggy.   The presenters, as a courtesy, shared their presentation with Director Abadi and the director then turned around and sent it to Jimmy.  According to Ms. Lemoine, in her 30 year professional life, she has never had a a presentation compromised like this.   Obviously Ms. Lemoine has never worked with people as unethical as these two.  (I understand that these are public records, but in most of the country, you need to place an ORR request to get public documents. Apparently not in Walkersha).

Wiggy was  so proud of his amateurish behavior that he ran to his blog to brag about it.   Although typically,  when Wiggy got to his blog, decided to leave the truth out!

DO NOT go read his blog, because I would not recommend that to anyone, I will just point out a couple of lowlights.

1.  He calls the harmless presentation(not a single vote was to be taken, nor was there any chance of this proposal being enacted anytime in the near future) a "propaganda show".   The irony is so thick it takes a machete to penetrate, when a paid hack from the secretive Macgyver Institute, who writes a blog where facts are rare commodities, would have the guts to call anything else "propaganda"! 

2.  Wiggy, not surprisingly, let it be known that if such a program were to be enacted, he would be screwing over his neighbors to save a dollar.  Like the typical Wisconsin republican, he has no intention of taking personal responsibility for any of his actions.  

I can’t decide which of my neighbors is going to get my garbage cans every Tuesday.

3.  I have no idea why County Executive  Dan Vrakas would capitulate to such childish behavior,  but he should be asked.  Why would an insignificant blogger with no credibility get documents before meetings?  Why would the county executive not want as much information out to his constituents as possible in all aspects of every issue?   Why would he treat these two pillars of the community so poorly?   Why has he not explained himself?

County Executive: Dan Vrakas
Phone: 262-548-7902
Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday

Waukesha County Administration Center
515 W. Moreland Blvd. Rm 320
Waukesha, WI 53188

Finally I have a theory.   Wiggy is adamant that there never be a pay for use garbage fee, and we at Cog_DIs know why!  When everything that James Wigderson writes is GARBAGE, the fees that Jim would incur would be exorbitant!    

Author's note: Again, the original post contained this photo of Mr. Wigderson in this spot. Mr. Wigderson apparently didn't like this either and requested we remove it. Again, we have chosen to take the high road and honor his request.


  1. My gosh, I forgot Wiggy once was young. I knew him back in our mutual UWM days. He wasn't above playing stupid games back then either. A friend and I wrote a piece for the UWM Times (a chronically poorly-thought-out conservative rag) regarding abortion. Admittedly, we were challenging them to print an opposing view. The first printing of the Times with the article found it halved with the second half promised in the next issue. We had been told it would be printed in its entirety. We complained about this lack of ethics and journalistic integrity. We were assured the issue would be rectified. Of course, when the time came, part one made its appearance again. We could hear the hee haws down the hall.

    Funny thing is, I've always liked James. Still do, really. He really is a funny and clever guy. We've spent times together with family. But James has changed. With all the right-wing money out there, James' pieces have become more rehearsed and less thoughtful. And adding quotes from Shakespeare does not automatically add gravitas to ones thoughts. It merely implies an ability to cut-and-paste.

    I guess a guy must support his family, regardless of the damage done to others and to ones own integrity. Sadly, he's becoming more Dooleyish.

  2. Thanks for that TOS, one of my biggest problems with the people like WIggy is that they have NO interest in discussion.

    Wiggy wants to tell you what to think and has no interest in defending it(mostly because he knows what he writes, he writes for money and it is indefensible). It is so much easier to ban anyone who is critical of his pieces than it is to address the flaws.

    Thank you very much for the adjective "dooleyish" i will be using that again!

  3. Jeff, the sexual tension between you and James is palpable. Or I suppose I really mean the one-way obsession you have with "Wiggy" is starting to wig me out. And posting Boyish Pix now too? You been saving that for years have ya? Lawdy lawdy lawdy. I don't blame you really because even though he's "wrong", he's smarter and wittier than 99%. Kinda burns don't it. Sad thing is, I just don't think he's into you.
    And what are you aiming to do over here? Make this Blogging Blue 2? This Capper fella probably gets enough traffic w/o this bottom-feeder baiting crap goin on. Think it over.

    1. He would make his take his garbage cans to other peoples' driveways so they would be charged for his garbage pickup?

      Talk about entitlement and a "welfare queen" mentality!


  4. Wiggy is that you in disguise?? Let me address your anonymous BS

    1. Nope did a google search and it popped up first thing. You guys on the right should try it spend two minutes on there and you would be able to find out simple facts like say there was no leaking in the john doe case. Or better yet just read us everyday, and YOUR iq is Guaranteed to increase tremendously.

    2. Smarter and wittier than 99% of what exactly?? i would say slightly smarter and wittier than my goldfish. Have you read his stuff? would love to see one witty comment on there.

    3. Of course he isnt into me, I call out his Bullshit. That is why he has banned capper and I from every commenting, he cant defend what he writes, he just cashes his check.

    4. No bottom feeder bait at all, ask the peole of Walkersha who put together and looked forward to this community discussion....

    Nice try though....

  5. Well I went over to Wiggy's page to see if this was true, and he was quite proud that he had the meeting "cancelled" (his choice of words).

    These are the tactics of oppressive regimes and cowards. Wigderson is so threatened by this that he couldn't just calmly disagree on the merits. No, we had to censor this speech, hell, he censored free thought!

    I sent a note to CE Vrakas and asked him to condemn these practices and a PW Director collaborating. Maybe he will surprise me. That would be great.