Thursday, July 26, 2012

We Are Having the Wrong Debate

After the horrific events in Aurora, CO as a time to talk about gun control. While I do think we need to have that conversation, the NRA has such a stronghold on our political system that we all know nothing will change and no politician will have the courage to even put reasonable controls on assault weapons.  Even if Senator Ron Johnson thinks that people in Wisconsin hunt with 100 round clips and assault weapons(no one ever accused the Sen RoJo of being intelligent).  

 The debate I think we should be having that might actually change something, in the wake of this tragedy, is healthcare!  

One of the victims of the Aurora tragedy is Caleb Medley.   Mr. Medley who is currently unemployed, was shot in the eye during the assault. 

Caleb Medley was shot in the eye in the Aurora movie theater shooting and remains in the intensive care unit in an induced coma. Medley sustained the terrible injuries only days before his wife Katie was due to give birth to a baby boy they plan to name Hugo. She now joins him in the same hospital — just one floor away — where she was set to be induced.

But even if Caleb makes a full recovery and meets his son, what happened late Friday evening at the movie theater could ruin the young family’s finances. Caleb doesn’t have health insurance, and his medical bills could amount to $2 million, according to his family.

 Caleb’s life will be forever altered by this unexpected and horrific event, a constant fear of many uninsured Americans. The Affordable Care Act — much of which will not be fully implemented until 2014 — extends health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans like Caleb.
So what should happen to Caleb??  His life is forever changed, through NO fault of his own, and now he is $2,000,000 in the hole(and with a new baby, who is another victim in this).  While the republicans are putting all of their eggs in the repeal Obamacare basket, which would help people like Caleb, they also have no alternative to replace it

I would love to see the republicans explain EXACTLY what should happen to Caleb and how their policies would help him.  NOT dance around the topic.  Can Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) look into a camera(because he sure knows how to find a camera) and explain exactly how the policies he advocates for would help Caleb and his new family?  Or does he NOT care about helping people like Caleb and his newborn?   We know the audience at a republican debate let it be known that they think Caleb made his choice to have no healthcare so he should pay that price now.   Is that how the republican politicians think also? 

The democrats are not perfect on this either.  Why is Obamacre not coming into full effect until 2014?  What would they say and what have they done to help someone like Caleb? 

Since our current batch of republican politicians have brought us this coffee can health care system, its time to put out that coffee can.  

You can help Caleb Medley by donating here and joining his facebook page here!

You can also help by calling your elected representative and demanding answers!   It's time for them to stop playing games with people's lives and help the Caleb's of our great country!  


  1. Interesting that the hospitals are announcing how they are going to wave deductibles, etc. after a brief outcry about the one patient's bill looking to exceed $2 million.

    It wouldn't surprise me to find that there are forces behind this "change of heart" that have "donated" money to get the focus off of the large hospital bills that those, especially the uninsureds will have. Call me a conspiratist, but it's too convenient how quickly this is getting turned around. The NRA wants it to be about Obama coming after their guns if they don't elect Mittens.

  2. Yes, there is need to update this, capper, before people donate for hospital bills that will be covered. Of course, they can donate for costs for other things for the family -- rent, diapers, whatever -- but ought to know so . . . or donate to folks right here who need the same.

  3. Thanks in advance to those people who would donate for this man's sake. We should all be ready for whatever might happen to us. Health care insurances are there to keep you prepared when an emergency arises.